Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shornur bypoll :CPM loses power

For the first time in history, the CPM lost power in Shornur municipality.

In the byelections to nine wards in the Municipality, the Democratic Development Samithi (DDS) led by former Municipality vice-chairman M R Murali won eight wards and CPM bagged stalin_statue only one seat.

Murali, a former youth leader of the CPI(M) from VS Achutanandan Faction, earned the wrath of the Pinarayi Vijayan faction when he aggressively campaigned for two infrastructure projects in the town. Murali wanted the municipality to blacklist a contractor who failed to complete a project. Murali had told The Indian Express.

“The contractor who got the project was a benami for a leader of the rival (Vijayan) faction. All efforts to initiate action against the contractor fell flat as the party leadership stood by the contractor,”

The CPI(M) sacked Murali in early July. His exit was followed by an exodus from the CPI(M) rank and file in the area. Murali, along with eight CPI(M) councillors who quit to join him, formed the PDC.

CPI(M) rebel groups are now planning a state-level political forum.

Current strength of 30-member municipality:  CPM - 14 seats, Congress-7, DDS-8 and BJP –1.

CPM has reacted by announcing a Bandh to protest against victory of Rebels!!!


Friday, December 12, 2008

CPM and Killiroor sex case

K. Suresh Kumar, an IAS officer and a former official in the office of Achuthanandan told the media that the two officials in the chief minister's office were hiding a sensitive file related to Killiroor sex case. The Killiroor sex case pertains to the death of teenager Shari who died in mysterious circumstances in a private hospital in Kottayam in 2004.

Achuthanandan, who was then leader of the opposition, had said that according to the doctors the victim's health deteriorated after a VIP visited her. Shari's father Surendran later alleged that the VIP who Achuthanandan referred to was Sreemathi.

Chief Judicial Magistrate Phillip Thomas hearing a petition from N. Nagaraj directed the police to register a case against Sreemathi and two officials in Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan's office over allegedly hiding a file containing information about the case. The six people named to be investigated include Sreemathi, private secretary to Achuthanandan S. Rajendran, political secretary to Achuthanandan K.N. Balagopal, the children of two state ministers and Latha Nair, an accused in the case.

And surprise of all, Look who has come out in support!

The All India Democratic Women's Association, AIDWA whyich claims to "works for women's rights and for their education, employment and status" instead of supporting the law to bring culprits to book has asked the Chief Justice of India K.G. Balakrishnan, to inquire into the manner in which the Chief Judicial Magistrate Phillip Thomas asked the police to file a case against Kerala Health Minister P.K. Sreemathi.



Civil war in Kerala CPM

From a chief minister who came to power riding on a huge popular mandate of the people, VS Achuthanandan today cuts a sorry figure in Kerala. While his own secretaries have questioned his functioning, the opposite camp in the CPM is gearing up to bring him down.

After the Kerala state unit leadership and the bureaucracy, it was the turn of the chief minister’s  personal staff, both CPM state  committee members, to petition against V S Achuthanandan’s administrative inadequacies.

At a meeting of the CPM state committee at Thiruvananthapuram on Saturday, private secretary to the chief minister S Rajendran and VS’ political secretary K N Balagopal, came out against the functioning of the chief minister. They alleged that the actions of the chief minister are being dictated by a coterie. Some participants at the meeting went to the extent of seeking his removal from the post.


Boycott American MNC's: CPM

                                              CPM leaders

Sitaram Yechuri politburo member of the CPM says

"Coca-Cola is also a political product of the America's global success and domination, so on anything that people will turn to be anti-American, Coke will be the first symbol."

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Kerala MPs hold up plane, keep passengers waiting

At a time when the nation expects confidence from its leaders, two CPI-M) MPs have done just the opposite. Varkala Radhakrishnan and KS Manoj refused to deplane when Flight IC 465 from Delhi to Trivandrun developed a technical snag.
Other passengers were also held up because the alternate aircraft did not take off without the two VIPs.
They have sought an assurance from the government that a new aircraft will be put on this route.
The flight eventually took off without two ministers on board.  In November, a complaint was lodged against RJD MP Akhilesh Prasad for assaulting an airline staff who refused him permission to board a flight after he reported late.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CPM Alliance with TDP

The CPI on Monday announced that it would enter into a tie-up with main opposition TDP for Assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh scheduled to be held early next year, saying that the main objective of such an alliance was to defeat the ruling Congress. The CPI(M) has already indicated its decision to sail with TDP in the coming elections.

Four years back this time(Article from Weekly Organ of the CPM)

CPI(M)’S Rashtra Rakshana Bheri

THE CPI(M) in Andhra Pradesh conducted Rashtra Rakshana Bheri (campaign for defending the state), an extensive political campaign in the state with the objective of propagating the need to save the state by defeating the TDP-BJP combine in the forthcoming elections to the state assembly. During the vigorous campaign all over the state,  The CPI(M) leaders and cadres will to the people how the Chandrababu Naidu government was behaving like a slave of the World Bank, agreeing to and implementing its conditionalities and their disastrous consequences, which are extremely detrimental to larger public interest.

People Democracy Article link

Newpaper link

CPM to ally with AIADMK for polls

CPM has decided to go with AIADMK in Tamil Nadu in the next general election. The decision is likely to be made public during the party's two-day politburo meeting beginning on November 29.Confirming the alliance, a senior party leader said,

"In all likelihood, we will have a tie-up with AIADMK." 

CPI has already decided to go with Jayalalitha. Party sources said both the Left parties feel AIADMK is on the upswing and is likely to do well in the next Lok Sabha election. (comment: That essentially measn we will sleep with anyone who will get us few seats..)

Two years back this time(Article from Weekly Organ of the CPM)

Dislodge The Anti-People Jayalalitha Govt CPI(M)’s Clarion Call For The People Of Tamilnadu

A SPECIAL political conference of the CPI(M) Tamilnadu state unit called upon the people of the state to throw out the anti-people Jayalalitha government in the coming elections to the state assembly. The conference adopted a resolution delineating the people’s issues on which the elections must be fought. The resolution also contained contours of the alternative pro-people path any new government must adopt after coming to power.

The conference got off to a start on February 18 amidst thunderous slogans of ‘Red Salute to Red flag’ and ‘Red Salute to CPI(M)’ renting the air at Madurai Thamukkam Grounds with R Umanath, Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M) hoisting the Party flag.
At a time when all political parties in the state were engrossed in the task of seat sharing negotiations, the CPI(M) state committee was engaged in a different but admirable activity of conducting a political conference at Madurai for the purpose of formulating its document for an alternative path.

People Democracy Link

News Paper Link

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gruesome murder of Tapasi Malik

On December 18, teenager Tapasi Malik, a leading agitator of the anti-land acquisition movement at Singur was found in flames at Bajemelia.Tapasi, the only daughter of Monoranjan Malik, a sharecropper and a fish trader, had stepped out of her small house in Bajemelia, in Gopalnagar mouza, around 4.30 am to relieve herself in the field.Some 45 minutes later when she didn't turn up, her mother Molina Devi went out looking and spotted a ball of fire about 350 metres away. As she rushed towards it with her sister-in-law Bandana, she discovered that it was her daughter who was in flames.Tapasi was lying on her back with her entire torso in flames. Seeing her daughter in that state, Molina Devi became hysterical and started screaming, bringing other villagers rushing to the spot.

Tapasi Malik was first strangled, which probably killed her, and then dragged to a pit and set on fire to ensure that she was dead.

CPI-M’s Singur zonal committee secretary, Suhrid Dutta, was arrested by the CBI in connection with Tapasi’s murder, days after party supporter, Debu Malik, was nabbed for the same case. Dutta played a key role in the acquisition of land and construction of the boundary wall for Tata’s project that will build the Rs 1 lakh car.

Its not surprising that before the CBI took over the case, West Bengal police and CID had claimed that Tapasi had committed suicide.

CPM Leader Jyothi Basu was quick to denounce CBI, he said 'When I was the chief minister I saw that the CBI and RAW were never in favour of us.

CPM Leader sexually assaults 3 Minor Girls during party function

CPM Leader sexually assaults 3 Minor GirlsThe Koyilandy(kerala) police had registered multiple cases against K.K. Sudhakaran, 55, branch secretary of Cheenacheri committee office, on the charges of raping three minor girls of a local school.

Two of the girls, aged 9 years and the third, 8 years, were sexually abused after Sudhakaran summoned them to attend a Balasanghom programme of the party on Sunday. There were complaints that the accused had earlier attempted to sexually molest the girls.


Thursday, October 02, 2008

CPM = Communist Party with Mutual Fund..

An article by CPM General Secretary Prakash Karat last week came down heavily on the new pension scheme of the Government saying it would siphon off thousands of crores earned by employees to the speculative stockmarket with no assured returns. The argument: the stockmarket, capitalism’s seamy showcase, has to be avoided. But not when it comes to the CPM’s own cash reserve.

Income tax returns filed by the party from 2002 to 2006 show it has earned a substantial amount from interest and dividends: Rs 1.88 crore (2002), Rs 1.17 crore (2003), Rs 2.10 crore (2004), Rs 2.15 crore (2005) and Rs 1.92 crore (2006).

senior Politburo member M K Pandhe says

“We have invested in mutual funds because we get better returns than banks.As long as we are working in a capitalist system, we will have to be part of the system,”
In the portfolio, PSUs are not exactly at the top. As of July 31, 2008, the fund’s portfolio included Reliance Industries, Glaxosmithkline, Reliance Communications, Tata Tea, TCS, Infosys and Shoppers Stop.


Monday, September 29, 2008

"Total Doom" Sabarinath

Mallus have fallen prey to yet another fraud, this time its Sabarinath a Class 12 dropout.

Sabarinath fell out with his parents when they refused to give him money to start his business. He began as a financial consultant with a life insurance company and 18 months ago launched his firm Total4U. He used to offer Rs160,000 on an investment of Rs100,000 for three months. Last month, he closed down his share broking cum financial institution after cheating about 3,000 investors for about Rs 500 Crores.

As usual since the CPM-led LDF government came to power in the state, Police officials are having a tough time conducting independent inquiry. As till date, in most of the controversial cases, the name of Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s son and former SFI activist Bineesh Kodiyeri pop up at one point or another. Latest being this one. In this case, the mystery surrounding the business empire of Sabarinath deepens further with allegations that sons of two CPM ministers ( the son of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Binish and son of P.K Sreemathi, Sudhir Nambyar), supported his business dealings. Though, both police and politicians vehemently denied the allegations at one go, there were some mismatch in the police version about one of the cars the investigation team had seized from Sabarinath.

Now it has turned out that Bineesh Kodiyeri was the first owner of the Maruthi Swift car, which mysteriously disappeared from the resort of Sabarinath. Though the local police could not find out the car during their preliminary investigation, it was later taken into custody by the police from Attingal. However, in no time, the car vanished from the police custody and there was no clue or reference about the car when the case was handed over to Crime Branch for detailed investigation.

According to police, Bineesh Kodiyeri sold the vehicle to a person named Abdul Karim in Thiruvananthapuram. Sabarinath brought the vehicle from Abdul Karim. However, it is not clear why there was a concentrated effort to keep the vehicle off from the police custody?

The investigating team also nabbed Airport Shyam a local CPM leader and who is accused of holding Sabarinath hostage when the later failed to repay his money.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

List of CPM's offices, prime properties and ventures in Kerala is cited below:

  • 350 million water amusement park
  • A similar multicrore 5 star hotel with a massage centre to be set up in Calicut
  • AKG Centre, DYFI Office and CITU office worth several crores
  • CPM has Zilla Committee offices in all 14 districts, all being well furnished offices
  • CITU has Zilla committee offices in all districts, and Kerala State Karshaka Thozhilali Union offices in all 14 districts
  • NGO union office in Trivandrum
  • CPM's area committee offices in all districts
  • 11,000 local committee offices owned by the CPM
  • Kairali television channel and its Kairali People news channel
  • CPM owns Deshabhimani newspaper and Chintha which is a weekly magazine
  • CPM owns RUBCO, which has taken 2000 crore loan from State cooperative and District Cooperative banks, for which the CPM is believed to have used its clout for this
  • Opposite AKG Centre CPM owns luxury flats
  • CPM has shopping malls in Thalassery and Kannur town

Friday, September 05, 2008

After amusement park, CPM forays into luxury hotel sector

The corporate brochure distributed among potential investors describes the Hotel project as
“A luxury hotel in Calicut (now Kozhikode) with star facilities and mesmerising ambience, which will cater to the requirements of international and our own high flying business travellers,”.
The rich corporate is none other but the company "Kozhikode District Co-operative Travel and Tourism Society" that the CPM recently floated for the purpose the running this luxury hotel. The company has already acquired 58 cents of land from an ailing industrial unit near the historic Mananchira Square in Kozhikode and is in talks for the adjacent 2.5 acres of land.

Yes you heard it right they aquired land form an "ailing industrial unit" for bourgeoisie purpose

The Kozhikode District Co-operative Travel and Tourism Society is headed by a retired city police commissioner but it has several CPM leaders, including city mayor M Bhaskaran, member of parliament M Sati Devi, party’s district unit secretary T P Ramakrishnan, and private secretaries of Tourism and Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan and Co-operation Minister G Sudhakaran on its board.

Who says CPM guys donot have luxury. I am sure CPM Minister Sreemathi would say "staying in a luxury hotel is not a bourgeois concept and the proletariat also needed it"


Monday, September 01, 2008

Kerala CPM splitwide open due to Amusement Park

Even though advertisements released in leading newspapers said the chief minister VS would inaugurate “one of India’s largest water theme amusement parks”, VS conveniently admitted himself to a hospital a “blood pressure complaint” on the eve of the inauguration. Of course, we who have seen VS operate do understand the root cause of his blood pressure. How can a person who has consider himself to be champion of working class be seen promoting an amusement park?

The speakers are the function also did not make any mention of the chief . However, the CPM leaders acknowledged the contributions of late chief minister E K Nayanar, who laid the foundation stone for the Rs350mn Vismaya Infotainment Centre.

The health minister Sreemathy said
entertainment was not a bourgeois concept and the proletariat also needs it.
With entry fee is Rs300 per head on working days and Rs375 on weekends, i am not sure how many of proletariat can manage to enter the amusement park. Average daily wage of a laborer is about Rs 211.

It is sheer hypocrisy that the party who was leading agitation against Coca Cola for excessive usage of ground water has started a Water theme park which would need 25,000 liters of water in an hour

Friday, August 29, 2008

Communism good but not in CPM backyard!

The CPM claims to champion the cause of labour rights. But many employees unceremoniously chucked out from the CPM party mouthpiece in Kerala Deshabhimani, have been denied PF and gratuity they are entitled to.

Mr I.V. Babu who has worked for the daily for the past eight years was expelled recently from the daily as senior sub editor and has not received any reply, despite repeatedly asking for PF and gratuity. He says
"I was fired because I am a loyalist of the Kerala chief minister V.S. Achuthanandam. I am entitled to at least Rs 50,000 but I have not received any reply to my requests. I am consulting my advocate and will soon go to court,"
Another insider in the CPM daily said nearly 60-70 per cent of the staff are Achuthanandan loyalists and more employees could be fired if they speak against Pinarayi faction of the CPM.

CPM never believes in the policy of walk the talk. Some time back CPM owned kairali fired people while CPM was running national campaign against such acts!!!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Looking for partners.

Dear friends who have been reader of this blog,

I have been maintaining this blog for last several years as I strongly believe that we need a central repository of information to expose the disinformation campaign of Communist party in India. I have been careful to avoid any rhetoric and have been factual in all the posts(with links). Of late, work pressure is keeping me away from keeping this up todate. Now I need support of people who would like to join this mission. "only requirement is strong political knowledge & goes without saying that the individual should have healthy aversion towards communist party"

Whoever is interested please leave a comment below....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Buddha attains nirvana

Buddha has finally woken up to reality. In a scathing attack on bandh culture in west Bengal he said
Personally I don’t support bandh. It’s not helping us and our country.But since I come from a party which supports bandh, so I keep mum. But next time if it happens, I’ll open my mouth,.
This is not the first time he has he has expressed his frustration with defiunct communist ideology. Sometime back he in another scathing attack on communism had said
As chief minister I cannot pursue socialism here. We are not fools. So, given the ground reality, we have to invite capitalists for the state’s development,” “We have to bring in private and foreign capital for setting up industries.”
Hopefully Buddha will survive the Bhasmasurans which LEFT will unleash on him and deliver Bengal from the menace of communist party

Sunday, August 24, 2008

CPM’s amusement park set to open

Buoyed by the success of its banks, shopping malls, hospitals, newspapers and television channels, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has forayed into Kerala’s booming tourism industry. Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan will open the Vismaya Vismaya Infotainment Centre, an amusement park build at a whooping cost of Rs 300Mn, in Kannur on August 31.

Entry fee of Rs 300 per adult on working days and Rs 375 on weekends is more than one days pay for most of the workers in Kerala whom CPM claims to represent(The average Keralite earns less than 150 rupees per day)

I wish, if CPM can think for well being of Kerala just like they think for the wellbeing of party!


Kerala a Bandh driven economy?

Its time that Kerala’s tourism corporation change Keralas tagline to "Hartals own country". Between January 16 and August 20 this year, the country’s most literate and most unemployed state(30% for men and 60% for women) successfully participated in a whopping 89 hartals.
Be it the hanging of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain or the Danish cartoon of the Prophet, Malayalis are the first to bring shutters down. Ironically, it is the Kerala High Court which banned bandhs for the first time in the country in 1997, which was later upheld by the Supreme Court also.

But apart from a few hapless stranded tourists everyone seems to be celebrating hartal. The TV channels are happy bunch as they compete for eyeball of Malayali's stranded at home with nothing else to do. The governemnt of Kerala is happy as on Bandh eve cash register of the state beverages’ corporation(sole marketing agency for foreign liquor in Kerala) keeps ringing. The total revenue to the exchequer from sale of foreign liquor was Rs 2913.90 crore in 2007-08, an increase of Rs 488.41 crore than the previous year. On the last hartal, some parts of the idyllic state managed to clock up sales of more chicken and liquor than even at Christmas. So more Bandh means more revenue to Government of Kerala. With no other Industry in Kerala, I am sure Kerala Government will not say no to this source of Income.

On the flipside, Even though hartals have helped to increase the "quality" family time. There is only some much a hubby and wife can bear each other resulting in kerala having highest divorse rates in India.

Now it seems that even CPM has jumped into fray to keep Malayali's entertained. CPM’s this month started an amusement park at a whooping cost of Rs300mn. The park is the brainchild of Achuthanandan’s archrival Pinnarayi Vijayan, the CPM state secretary.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kerala scores another first

In perhaps the first time in the history of the State, the High Court has directed police protection for a vice-chancellor on her request.

Chief Justice H L Dattu and Justice A K Basheer ordered "adequate" police protection for Mahatma Gandhi Vice-Chancellor Jancy James, within and outside the campus, as requested by her in a writ petition filed a week after she was pushed and shoved by activists of the pro-CPM Students Federation of India (SFI). Dr Jancy told the court that she had been forced to be on leave following the SFI-led gherao.

The Justices commented in the course of hearing that it was a matter of concern that a vice-chancellor had to approach the court for protection for life and property. "What's happening?" the judges asked, pointing out that the court received some 30 to 40 petitions praying for police protection.


Pinarayi 'chargesheet' against VS

Keralites is proud of their many "firsts". they were first to elect a communist government (a mistake they are regretting till date), first to get 100% literacy. Now there is another first which keralites can boast.

First time in the history of democratic India and autocratic CPM, a party state secretary has brought out charge sheet against their own Chief Minister.

Some of the trumped up charges are -

- V S Achuthanandan took a "unilateral stand", departing from the unanimous view of the state committee.

- The Chief Minister's mentioned the name of Vijayan on certain controversial issues, including the S N C Lavlin scam.

-The Chief Minister rebuked the state Director General of Police on the anti-piracy operation "over the head of" Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, the Home Minister.

- The party had decided to go ahead with the ADB loan. However, V S told the media that the decision was taken without informing him.

- When he was the Opposition leader, V S had pointed an accusing finger at an unnamed VIP who tried to hush up the Kiliroor sex scandal. When the LDF came to power, the UDF alleged that the VIP was P K Sreemathi, CPM leader and state Health Minister. V S did not make a statement to clear her name.

- When the donations from millionaire Faris Aboobacker to a party-run football tournament became controversial, VS had said that Aboobacker deserved contempt and the incident of receiving funds from such a person would be probed. The report said it was wrong of V S to level allegations against Faris without proof and there was nothing wrong in accepting donations from

- There is also a mention of the eruption of demonstrations by V S loyalists in protest against the state leadership's decision not to field him in the Assembly elections.

It seems the days of VS are now numbered. It would be a sad day for communist movement in kerala. VS is last of their tallest leaders.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Viewers can make their own decision

Ocassion: inaugural function

The lady is K K Lathika teacher , A M L A from Meppayyur , Kerala.

The hand belongs to some comrade from calicut

Comrade V S Achuthanandan Chief Minsiter of Kerala also attended that function.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Who is CPM batting for?

The CPI(M) has expressed sympathy with the kashmiri people who are protesting. “The Srinagar-Muzaffarabad road must be opened for trade,” former legislator and party leader Khalil Mohammad Naik told The Indian Express.

While GOI, continues to maintain that the highway from Jammu was absolutely free of obstructions and that the disturbances in the Valley were actually hurdles to free movement of goods and traffic.

The Centre said that the Valley protestors were being "influenced by misleading propaganda". The government said that it was the calls for bandhs and strikes in the Valley that were affecting traffic.



CPM Councillor 'beats' pregnant woman

In a shocking incident, a pregnant woman lost her baby after she was allegedly hit by a CPM councillor in Adilabad when she went to seek rain compensation from the councillor.

A resident of Ranadhivinagar colony in the town, Lalitha, who was into her six month of pregnancy, went to counsellor Annapurna's house on Saturday night urging her to help her get the compensation. Instead of taking her representation, Annapurna reportedly kicked Lalitha on her stomach.

Though the relatives immediately shifted Lalitha to a nearby hospital, the doctors confirmed that she lost the baby due to heavy bleeding. Angered by the councillor's action, the BJP activists took to the streets on Sunday and staged dharnas.

According to the family members, a CPM worker Ganganna on Sunday noon went to the hospital where Lalitha was admitted and threatened her to withdraw her complaint against the councillor. But the enraged relatives beat up Ganganna and handed him over to the police. Meanwhile, the police have registered a case.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Verbal fireworks in Kerala CPM

Intense infighting is back in Kerala CPM. However, this time Comrade VS Achuthanandan increased the stakes by calling his rivals in party the "unspeakable and Taboo" word - Revisionist. He said indirectly referring to his rivals from within the party
"opportunists and revisionists are afraid of extremists,"

He also rubbed salt on old wounds of his rivals when a near total rebellion by party members party to field him in assembly election
“Some said at the politburo that the Congress-led United Democratic Front will win the elections if I am fielded in the Assembly polls. After this I opted out. But later, in response to demands from the party committees, the people at large and following media reports, the party fielded me”.
His recent outburst have to be read in the background of the deliberations at the just-concluded three-day party state committee dumping his hard-line positions. The stinger against Achuthanandan in the policy document ratified by the committee was
“those who argued for a second spell of land reforms were in fact uttering extremist rhetoric that would only divide society”.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

CPM Stands true to its "Traitor" Image

CPM Leaders have again proven that its only their body which is in India their heart is always is in Neighbouring Countries. For some like Yetchury its in China while some like Tripura Food and Civil Supplies Minister Sahid Choudhury have their heart with HUJI, a suspected Bangladeshi militant Group responsible for several Terrorist Attacks in India.

According to investigators, Choudhury helped Mamun Mian an HuJI activist and Bangladeshi national procure an Indian passport as well as a permanent resident certificate (PRC). Mian was held by the West Bengal CID on March 27 from Agartala following the arrest of two Bangladeshis, Alamgir Hussain and Shamim Akhtar, from Howrah along with some arms and explosives. The two also carried details of Army bases in north Bengal. Mamun Mian is also suspected of involvement in a fake currency racket across the Northeast. “He is believed to have circulated fake currency worth about Rs 200 crore in the past few years,” an official said.

The police is also examining whether Choudhury also had any links in the smuggling of foodgrains and arms across the Indo-Bangla border.

Instead of Expelling the TRAITOR for the Party and handing him over to police, CPM has come out strongly in Support of him. CPM central committee member Bijan Dhar said.

"We do not believe Sahid Choudhury has links with HuJI or any other terror outfit. He resigned from his post to facilitate a free and fair probe after controversy broke out over his alleged ties with a Bangladesh national,’’


Saturday, April 12, 2008

West Bengal BANS Anti China Protests!

Olympic torch relay may be happening in New Delhi but CPM led West Bengal Government has banned all Anti China Protests in West Bengal!

Two weeks after it allowed Tibetan activists to hold a candlelight vigil, the CPM-led West Bengal Government has denied them permission to hold a three-day anti-China public rally scheduled to begin today forcing them to go indoors.

Ironically, there were as many as 11 rallies in the city during the day. These included a rally by the Trinamool in Park Circus to protest against the state government’s failure to check prices and a similar one by CPM supporters in Tollygunge to protest against inflation.

Chinese Consul General in Kolkata Mao Siwei was quick to give much deserved praise to CPM

“This is a correct decision because the Government of India made a commitment to the Government of China that no anti-China rallies will be allowed to take place anywhere in the country,”

Remember this is the same CPM which had said

right to strike is a fundamental rights of not only government employees but of the entire working class

I guess the for CPM Loyalty towards their masters in China is more important that "some fundamental Right" of people.



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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yechury More Worried about Olympic Flame than Human Life

Kiran Bedi has pulled out, and Rahul Gandhi’s mind is not known yet. But when Aamir Khan runs with "the Beijing Olympics torch in his hand and a prayer for Tibet in his heart", he will be rubbing shoulders with Chinese securitymen recently described as 'watchdogs' and 'thugs' in Europe

Security agencies fear self-immolation bids and burning of Chinese flags to disrupt the relay.

Concerned that Tibetan protesters may succeed, CPM politburo member Sitaram Yechury called upon the government on Wednesday to see that there were no disruptions.

Mr Yethury, It so sounds like you are more worried that Fire may get Hurt when a person attempts self-immolation bids



Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Silence of the Jackals

Annual wholesale price inflation has jumped to its highest in more THE DEMIGODS than three years at 7 percent. At a time when the Lower and Middle Class of India is reeling under the pressure of Price Increase, CPM the so called WatchDog(No, its not Dog with a Watch) and Saviour of Poor has strangely decided to Remain Silent.

We didnot see CPM Trademark Bandhs and Agitations. If  in Rome, it was Nero Playing fiddle when Rome was burning. India has its communists who decided to play Party Congress when Nation was facing Gravest of Issues. 

The Best we heard was the usual Barking. The CPM party congress called for “sustained and militant actions” which could mobilise crores of people affected by the price rise.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Statistics shows Youth and Women donot See CPM as Alternative

Statistics shows that the young Indian does not see CPM as an attractive political option. only 17% of its members are below 30 years and it has only 12% of women wholetimers across the country.

More Worrying is the attrition Rate whcih CPM is facing, In Kerala, the dropout rate from the party's membership is 10.5%, which is 3% higher than the national average of 7.5%. The dropout rate in West Bengal, where the Left Front has ruled for four decades is only 3.5%. While in Tamil Nadu, there is 16.5% dropout from the party every year.

No wonder the political organisational report of CPM confesses that there is a problem of getting wholetimers in the party.


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CPM's 3 conditions for prospective allies

Kick starting efforts to formulate a policy for the third alternative, the Communist Party of India-Marxist on Sunday laid down three essential conditions that any prospective ally must meet.
Senior Politburo member Sitaram Yechury said the party has started discussions on the third alternative and any party that wants to be part of it must:

1. Uncompromisingly oppose communal forces.

2. Oppose the anti-people economic reforms, which are against the working people and which divide the country into shining India and suffering India.

3. Oppose all efforts to try to make India a subordinate ally to United States' imperialism.

Lets start with the first Condition of  Uncompromisingly oppose communal forces

1. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam-led Democratic Progressive Alliance in TamilNadu has both IUML and CPM. In the last election, the DMK  contested 130 seats, the Congress 48, the PMK 31, the CPI(M) 13, the CPI 10 and the IUML two. So its is obvious that CPM would have canvassed and Voted for IUML. and this entire alliance was supported by Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam (TMMK). Currently, TMMK was in news opposing an art show on Aurangzeb at the Lalit Kala Akademi in Chennai.

2. During Last Kerala Assembly Election, CPM was actively supported by Jamaat-E-Islami. In fact, T Arif Ali, Kerala Amir of the Jamaat-e-Islami openly issued support calls for CPM.

3. Abdul Nasser Madhani who was accused of Coimbatore Bomb Blasts is actively supported in CPM

CPM who banished Taslima Nasreen from West Bengal and banned her Book has no right to speak about "opposing" Communal Forces. In fact, under CPM Communal forces have garnered strength.

Secondly, CPM Professes their Love for Working People.

1. The love of CPM for Working People is detailed in Here "The New Feudal Lords of Kerala"

2. If that was not enough we saw the Love for Common people being Expressed in Nandigram and Singrur. Scores of Innocent people have died their, their only mistake was opposing the forceful Land Grab in the Name of "development"

3. lastly, their reaction to the Uprising in Tibet has exposed what ever little decency was left with CPM

Lastly, They donot want India to Ally with USA

1. We can understand who the first preference is for Chinese representatives in India.


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Saturday, March 29, 2008

End of a Era for CPM

The CPM is beginning Coimbatore party congress without its last remaining founding fathers, Jyoti Basu and Harkishen Singh Surjeet.

This is the first time the two veterans — members of the original politburo that had presided over the CPM’s formation by splitting timage he undivided communist party in 1964 — will be absent from the important meeting. Both have opted out, citing their advanced age.

Now the Next Era belongs to Leaders like  Husband Wife Duo Prakash and Brinda Karat.  It is Ironic that the UK Educated General Secretary of CPM which claims to be representative of  Workers and Peasants has never worked in his life to earn Livelihood! In fact, According to his own admission he went to Edinburgh University to Avoid Working!

"I wanted to avoid taking a job after my graduation."

His Wife, Brinda Karat was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. A Career Airhostess and a Parttime Actress (she has acted in Amu, a film directed by Shonali Bose), She did her schooling from Premier  Welham  Girls School in Dehradun and College was done from Miranda House one of the premier Women's Institutions of Delhi University. Her political activities ranged from campaigning against the mandatory wearing of skirts in the airlines to accusing famous Hindu seer Baba Ramdev of violating labor laws, and publicizing accusations about his workers mixing human body parts in potions

The best part is the Husband Wife Duo has never won a Popular Election.

Now in Coimbatore, Prakash Karat shares a larger-than-life poster with Fidel Castro and his wife is busy providing "soundbites" to secular media.

What a fall for a party who used to Boast of Leaders like EMS etc...

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

A.B. Bardhan gets his Due in Andhra

CPI party general secretary A.B. Bardhan had a bitter experience when a group of Telangana youngsters manhandled him.

The youth, reported to be supporters of former Telangana Students Union leader Pasham Yadagiri, descended at the ongoing 20th National Congress of the CPI around 9.15 p.m. and started circulating pamphlets in support of Telangana state. They managed to gain entry and tried to corner Bardhan over the delay in announcing the partys stand on separate Telangana.

Bardhan refused to accept the pamphlet from them. Angered over this, the youth pushed him aside and started questioning the State leaders about their stand on Telangana. With the situation going out of control, the volunteers of CPI intervened and bodily lifted the youngsters out of the venue.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jyothi Basu's Secret Tryst with BJP Leaders

Even though publicly the Communists loathed the BJP, Communist patriarch Jyoti Basu held a clandestine meeting with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L K Advani when the National Front was in power.

The former West Bengal chief minister sought a meeting with him and Vajpayee because he felt that the multi-party National Front government led by V P Singh was not functioning well.

But Basu laid a pre-condition: the meeting had to be under cover. The message was send thru Viren Shah's a successful Mumbai-based industrialist, a friend of both Advani and Basu, played the emissary. The Message was

“No one should know about our meeting. Especially people in my party would not like it. This government is not functioning properly. I feel the three of us - Atalji, you and I - should meet to discuss the situation. Why don't we meet at Viren Shah's residence in Delhi?”

In their response to Shah, the BJP leaders said:

“We thank Jyoti babu for his suggestion. If he is interested in meeting us, we are prepared to go to Kolkata to meet him there. Otherwise, if he wants the meeting to take place in Delhi, he is most welcome to come to either Atalji's house or my house for dinner.”

The meeting finally took place at Shah's residence.


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Friday, March 21, 2008

CPI goes ballistic over Pelosi`s meeting with Dalai Lama

The Communist Party of India (CPI) has severly criticised US Speaker Nancy Pelosi's meeting with the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala and termed the Tibet issue an "internal affair" of China.

CPI General Secretary A B Bardhan said

"The Government should see that their meeting does not turn into an anti-China meeting,"   .

Perhaps he had Kashmir in Mind when he gave a indirect warning

"All countries have internal areas where the situation is sometimes disturbed. There should be no interference from anyone," 

However, it was earlier in the year CPI was going all out (CPI) supporting the decision of the Seven Party Alliance (SPA), which was spearheading the pro-democracy campaign in Nepal, to spurn the proposal of the monarchy to hand over power to the Alliance.

In fact, the same Mr. A.B. Bardhan  took  exception to India welcoming King Gyanendra's readiness to hand over power to the SPA.

CPI general secretary A.B. Bardhan said the Centre had reacted in a hasty manner.



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Thursday, March 20, 2008

In the Land of "Land Reforms" Kerala's landless dalits battle for Land

CPM always boasts about revolutionary changes brought about by land reforms ushered in by the communists, starting from the Kerala's first communist government of 1957. But Land struggle in Chengara,
Pathnamtitta district of Kerala by landless Dalits and Adviasis  a different story! The same CPM is now providing leadership to the group opposing this agitation.

Chengara Agitation started on 4 August 2007 demanding permanent
ownership of agricultural land through transfer of ownership from the
Harrison Company to the Landless Dalits and Adivasis. According to
Sadhujana Vimochana Samyukta Vedi (SJVSV), Harrisons Malayalam Limited got chengara land, 1,048 hectares, on lease for 99 years from Chengannur Mundankavu Vanjipuzha Matom and the lease expired long ago and they have not been paying any lease rent to anyone since 1985-86. SJVSV also allege that the company is in fact in possession of almost 5,000 hectares, not 1,048 as per the lease records. So SJVSV is   demanding 5 acres of land and Rs 50,000 for each Landless family.  C R Prakash, youth leader of the SJVSV says

"We've nothing against the plantation as such. We are only occupying land that belongs to us, which was encroached upon by the company. Let the government measure the land and show the company their limits."

RPG group's Harrisons Malayalam Limited is India's largest rubber
plantation company with nine major rubber plantations, and the second largest tea producer in south India, owning 10 tea plantations. The rubber and tea plantations are spread over more than 20,000 hectares of land in South India.

Ironically CPM, The party who brought in Land reforms in Kerala is leading campaign against the agitation. They alleged that the agitators have encroached upon private property, that there are landowners among them etc.

Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) State secretary Pinarayi
Vijayan has alleged that the agitation at Chengara in Pathanamthitta
district is being funded by U.S.-based imperialist forces. Mr. Vijayan

"there were authentic reports on the role of U.S. espionage agencies also playing a role at Chengara and the agitation was an attempt to grab land. Most of those on agitation there were not landless as it was made out to be. The backing given to the Chengara agitation was part of a U.S game plan to defame Left governments in India."

He also added that this was to avenge the strong opposition registered
by the Left parties against the Indo-U.S. nuclear deal.

Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan  said that "certain other forces" were behind the agitations for land at Chengara. Not to be left behind,Chief Minister VS supported his Home minister alleging that those who were leading the stir were not landless and homeless people.

AK Balan, who is responsible for looking after the interests of the Dalits and Adivasis in the State as its Scheduled Tribes Welfare Minister was suspecting that there was an explicit move to transform the Chengara struggle into a Muthanga-type movement.One Adivasi and a police constable had been killed when hundreds of policemen had marched into the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary to quell an agitation by Adivasis for land to live on February 2003.

HISTORY REPEATS itself as farce, so went Marx's dictum. In Kerala, where his footsoldiers pulled off the first democratic win in the world, the Red party has turning against their own Policies and people in a vicious somersault.

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CPM: Land reform was for developing capitalism

Ask any comrade worth his salt on the biggest Achievement of CPM in India, the answer would be land reforms. However after Nandigram and Singur, comrades are questioning the rationale  of the Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee government's policy of industrialisation by acquiring farmland. They are desperately looking for directions from the CPM leadership on how to go to the electorate in the coming elections. As the rural population is seething from the state government's aggressive approach in forcibly acquiring land for industrialisation that runs counter to the party ideology of championing the cause of poor farmers.

The Marxist Leadership is at pains to explain the shift in its ideological
and tactical line in favour of its class enemy - the capitalists. after much brainstorming, the CPI-M leadership has come out with a new theory during the Recent West Bengal State Conference. Now according to the Marxist Leadership:

"the land reforms programme implemented during the past 30 years was a process of capitalist development and it is wrong to find in it elements of socialism"

And as a logical corollary to this ideological line, they said

 "current industrialisation initiative is likewise capitalist in character. Both (land reforms and industrialisation) are two different forms of capitalist growth. Capitalism is the intermediate stage between feudalism and socialism. We have to use the  opportunities of industrial growth, while continuing the fight against its negative aspects and keeping in view the objective of abolishing the capitalist system".

I guess as per the new theory of CPM Capitalism is not that bad, after
all they have spend last 30 years implementing it! A "Petite
bourgeoisie" is not a hated word!

Source: By Uday Basu. Kolkata, Jan. 15. A ">The Statesman report

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kerala's New Feudal Lords

It is fifty years since Kerala Elected Worlds First Communist Government. They came to power promising to end feudalism and kingship and lead the state to Prosperity. Fifty years later, now we have a new generation of Feudal Lords, The Communist party Themselves!

Their Power range from Capturing (Reclaiming as CPM calls it) farmers land to setting up the calendar for farmers specifying when they should plant and harvest! They even decide on what means should be used to harvest the Paddy!

Unlike elsewhere in the country, no farmer in Kerala can use "bourgeois" things like harvesting machines, unless they have the comrades sanction. Each farmer must apply to the local office of the CPM’s Travancore Karshaka Thozhilali Union (TKTU), part of Kerala State Karshaka Thozhilali Union (KSKTU), the party’s farm worker union. The union will then consider the applications on a case-to-case basis, send its own inspection teams to the farms. The comrade-inspectors will determine if enough of their union members are really not available to manually do what farm machines could do a lot cheaper and much more efficiently — at wages fixed by the union. Any farmer who dares to use a farm machine without union sanction has to be ready for the consequences.

C K Bodhanandan, TKTU general secretary Thunders

“Farm machines are good only for farmers, helping them make big profits. But they don’t benefit workers. We won’t allow machines to harm workers’ interests,”

Ironically, in this state with a mounting unemployment rate(A recent NSSO survey has found that Kerala has the highest unemployment rate) farmers seldom get enough workers to reap their crop in time each harvest season, and can’t use machines without the comrades’ nod, either.

TKTU chief Bodhanandan says the union has decided on a solution: Make all the farmers sow and reap, taking staggered turns and not at the same time as they have been doing. This is to fit their farming with the availability of union hands to do the farm work.

“We are finalising a calendar for farmers here. From next year, they should plant and harvest at the times specified in it for each, so that enough workers are available, so that they need not come to us asking to be allowed to hire machines,”

Who will educate this union leader "who has never stepped" into a Paddy field that rain and other events of nature necessary for farming Donot follow "Party Calendar".

Due to all the problems, farmers were forced to level paddy fields and cultivate less labour-intensive crops there. But there also, The "Feudal" Comrades had plans for the farmers!

The KSKTU launched the anti-reclamation stir. The anti-reclamation stir earned the sobriquet "vettinirathal samaram'' following the violent methods resorted to by the KSKTU cadre. It was CM Mr. Achuthanandan himself who had inaugurated the agitation in 1996-97. As part of the agitation, the KSKTU workers destroyed the crops completely and then they will plant the red party flag in the "reclaimed" land thus forceful occupying it!

Ironically, the Kuttanad Chethu Tozhilali Union office, where the anti-reclamation stir was inaugurated, was constructed in a filled up paddy field. Guess, the feudal Lords have their own rules!

The result: Harvesting was delayed due to stiff resistance of Left farmer Unions like KSKTU, to bringing in harvestor-machines and non availability of Farm hands compounded by the problem. The entire ‘puncha’ crop in Kerala’s once-acclaimed rice bowl, Kuttanad has been damaged due to untimely summer rains. Thousands of acres of paddy fields is submerged by summer rain over the last few days. Initial estimates by the district administration pegged the loss at around Rs.5 crore, unofficial estimates point towards a loss of at least Rs.10 crore.

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"Uprising" in Tibet adds Indian communists Misery!

These are not good times for Indian Communists. They are getting dragged from one issue to another and with every Issue their carefully cultivated Mask is slipping off! Last year, It was Carnage at Nandigarm, Few weeks back it was carnage at Kannur and now its their stand vis-à-vis the uprising in Tibet.

On Tibet, Sitaram Yechury, leader of the Communist Party of India-Marxist, refused to condemn the violence in Tibet, described by the Dalai Lama as 'cultural genocide' by the Chinese government.
Addressing a press conference in New Delhi, Yechury said the clashes were an internal affair of China. He asked.

"How can we condemn the incidents in Tibet, which is an internal part of China?"

Ironically, Sitaram Yechury was part of the seven-member political delegation that had visited Nepal in Year 2005 to express solidarity with the people in their "struggle for restoration of democracy". After his trip to Nepal, he had proudly told reporters that the delegation told the Nepali leaders that while Indian political parties were in Kathmandu to express solidarity it was for the people of Nepal and the political parties to address issues such as the character of democracy and its structure, the role of the king in a future set up.
He had said

The struggle for democracy would intensify after the festival period of Dusshera and Deepavali. Last time the struggle for democracy in 1990 took 60 days and hopefully it would take less time now.

When asked about the incident of stoning and black flags being shown to the delegation on its arrival in Kathmandu, Mr. Yechury said,

"In a democracy there is a right to protest ... we only want the king to give such rights to all."

Well, We can understand the predicament of Mr. Yechury. That was Nepal "the Only Hindu Country" and this is China "CPM's Mentor"

Even in parliament, Usually at the forefront of action, particularly over human rights issues, the Left presented a muted picture as MPs cutting across partylines expressed anguish and concern over the crackdown on protesting monks in Tibet. They were even silent even when Gorakhpur MP Adityanath took a sharp dig at Left MPs, referring to them as "China's representatives" in Parliament. I guess sometimes Dogs Do not Bark and this is one of such times.

The Left's silence was all the more striking as the "Red" parties have spent most of last year strenuously denying that their opposition to the India-US nuclear deal had anything to do with their "soft" spot for China which has not been too comfortable about India officially becoming a member of the nuclear club.

Shamefully, they even tried to club Tibet Issue with Kashmir issue which even China has not done! CPI leader Sitaram Yechury said warned

"those who talk of Tibet should remember that Kashmir could well be India's Achilles' heel"

This reminds me of the story "King has new clothes" I guess in this case, it would be safe if we say "CPM has new clothes"

Monday, March 17, 2008

Morichjhanpi Massacre

The Left Government in West Bengal is not new to Mass Murder of Innocent Citizens. Nandigram is just the latest in the series. Before Nandigram it was  the Morichjhapi massacre of the 1970s, featured in Amitav Ghosh's Hungry Tide. There, it was East Bengal refugees in the Sundarbans who were cordoned off, fired on and the survivors evicted. The cost in lives is still unaccounted, but it is likely that thousands were killed.

In the 1960s and 1970s (especially after the Bangladesh war of independence in 1971, Mujibur Rahman’s assassination in 1975 and Zia-ur-Rahman’s coming to power) communal agitations were directed against the Hindus who had remained in East Bengal. Hounded out of East Bengal,  Bengali Hindus from East Pakistan and subsequently Bangladesh entered West Bengal in the hope of settling down. They were however sent to various inhospitable areas outside West Bengal with the assurance that they would eventually be relocated in West Bengal. Ironically, during that time CPM Led opposition, denounced the Congress attempts to evict the refugees from West Bengal and promised that when they came to power they would settle the refugees in West Bengal and that this would, in all probability, be on one of the islands of the Sundarbans.

In 1977, when the CPM Led Left Front came to power, they found the refugee had taken them at their word and sold their belongings and land to return to West Bengal. In 1978 a group of refugees fled from the Dandakaranya camp in Madhya Pradesh and came to the island of Morichjhapi in the Sundarbans with the intention of settling there. In all, 1,50,000 refugees arrived from Dandakaranya1  expecting the government to honour its word. Morichjhanpi, an island in the northern-most forested part of the West Bengal Sundarbans, had been cleared in 1975 and its mangrove vegetation replaced by a governmental programme of coconut and tamarisk plantation to increase state revenue.

The state government was in no mood to tolerate such a settlement. It stated that the refugees were ‘in unauthorised occupation of Morichjhanpi which is a part of the Sundarbans government reserve forest violating thereby the Forest Acts’.  However, according to journalist Niranjan Haldar, who extensively reported and researched the carnage, the refusal of the Udbastu Unnayansil Samity, an association of refugees, to merge with the CPI(M) led to their eviction.

On the January 31, 1979 the police opened fire killing 36 persons. The media started to underscore the plight of the refugees of Morichjhanpi and wrote in positive terms about the progress they were making in their rehabilitation efforts. Photographs were published in the Amrita Bazar Patrika of the February 8, 1979. Fearing more backlash, and seeing the public growing warm towards the refugees’ cause, the chief minister Jyothi Basu declared Morichjhanpi out of bounds for journalists and condemned their reports. The repeated pleas from the dwellers of the island did not reach the mainland owing to the iron fisted control of the left front, over the media. The plight of the refugees was supposed to be published in parts in the Bengali Daily Jugantar,25th July, however after the first part, it had to be discontinued. Later the editor Amitava Chaudhuri wrote, how the CPM led government forced him to back off from carrying forth the further publications, in spite of the declaration of the forth coming 2nd part in the 25th July issue itself.

After the failure of the economic blockade (announced on January 26 – an ironical twist to Republic Day!) in May the same year, the government started forcible evacuation. Thirty police launches encircled the island thereby depriving the settlers of food and water; they were also tear-gassed, their huts razed, their boats sunk, their fisheries and tube-wells destroyed, and those who tried to cross the river were shot at. To fetch water, the settlers had now to venture after dark and deep into the forested portion of the island and forced to eat wild grass. Several hundred men, women and children were believed to have died during that time and their bodies thrown in the river. In all 4,128 families who had come from Dandakaranya to find a place in West Bengal perished of cholera, starvation, disease, exhaustion, in transit while sent back to their camps, by drowning when their boats were scuttled by the police or shot to death in Kashipur, Kumirmari, and Morichjhanpi by police firings. How many of these deaths actually occurred in Morichjhapi we shall never know. However, what we do know, is that no criminal charges were laid against any of the officials or politicians involved.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Why do CPI (M) politburo member & Kerala Party Secretary Pinarayi Vijayan carry bullets in his cabin Baggae?

Last year Chennai airport security confiscating five live .38 rifle cartridges from the cabin baggage of CPI (M) politburo member Pinarayi Vijayan. He was on his way to Delhi for a party meeting. He had earlier reached Chennai via Paramount Airways flight

With the preliminary inquiry of CISF manning the Thiruvananthapuram airport suggesting that no bullets were found in Vijayan’s baggage before he boarded a Paramount Airways flight at 11.30 am to Chennai (before he was to take a Jet Airways flight to Delhi at 5.30 pm).

Pinarayi Vijayan said

“There has been a threat to my life,”

Kerala chief minister VS Achuthanandan added:

“Our leaders had been facing threat and he (Vijayan) procured the revolver on the advice of the home department.”

If Party Secretary of Kerala's ruling Party dont feel safe in Kerala and he has to carry his own gun for his safety the how safe is the common man?

Friday, March 14, 2008

CPI(M) terms US report on Nandigram as 'interference' in India

The CPI(M) today termed a US official report referring to Nandigram violence as "interference" in Indian affairs and asked Washington to concentrate on alleged gross human rights violations in Iraq and by Israel in the Gaza strip.

At a press conference, CPI(M) leader Mohd Salim said

"we don't think the US is the custodian or champion of human rights. Some people here think the Bush administration is so, but we do not suffer from any such illusions."

This is hilarious coming from the same group  of people who were in forefront to influence American State department to deny Mr. Narendra Modi, , a diplomatic visa and to revoke his existing tourist/business visa! Once they achieved the objective they had gleefully declared

CAG  considers the denial of visa to Mr. Modi as a clear victory for supporters of human rights and justice in the U.S. and in India. It sends a clear message that perpetrators of religious and political persecution can be held accountable for their actions through dedicated work by broad, inclusive coalitions.  Indian and U.S. groups share a long, common tradition of battling for human rights, and securing justice for the oppressed that CAG and its partners will continue to build on. 

In Nandigram case also, Amnesty International had accused the West Bengal government of colluding with CPM party workers in Nandigram and failing to institute an impartial inquiry into the violence. The report released by the rights watch group said.

“The manner in which the government of West Bengal failed to take positive action to address the issue suggests that the government was acquiescent in the human rights abuses by the armed supporters of the CPM during the November violence,”

The investigating agency has told the Calcutta High Court in its status report that the CPM workers dressed as policemen had fired at protesters, witnesses were being threatened by them and that the authenticity of the medical reports handed over to it was questionable.

Now it is Hilarious to CPM is taking "High Moral" ground that US is interfering in India's affair! Where was this morality when they worked overtime to get visa of a Indian Chief Minister Denied!

Hypocrisy Thy Name is CPM

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CITU members beat worker to death "for Striking"!

According to Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) the trade union arm of CPM its Workers right to Strike. However, I guess what is left unsaid is in West Bengal it means "its the sole right of CITU"

Yesterday, members CITU chased and assaulted labourers of a lesser union, leading to the death of one of them.

Contract labourers belonging to the CESC Thika Mazdoor Sangh had called a ceasework on Monday demanding their recognition as electrical workers.

Eyewitnesses said around 50 members of the Thika Mazdoor Sangh were travelling towards the CESC unit near Ruby Hospital in the afternoon when they were chased by CITU men in five trucks.
As soon as the labourers got off near the CESC unit to distribute leaflets urging co-workers to join the strike, they were surrounded by the CITU men, who started beating them up.
One of the labourers, Ramparvesh Singh, got separated from the others and was pinned to the ground. The 42-year-old received serious head, chest and neck injuries and died at National Medical College and Hospital. At least 19 others were seriously injured.


Kerala High Court: Centre should Intervene and send Central Forces

It seems that even the High Court of Kerala has lost their faith in LDF Govt. in Kerala. The Kerala High Court observed that the only solution to end the violence in Kannur district seemed to be a timely intervention by the Union government by deploying sufficient forces that

“will not yield to the political or plutocratic clout by those in powers and out of power.”

Justice V. Ramkumar expressed the hope that there would be a

gubernatorial move to apprise the Central Government of the urgent need for a permanent prophylactic action to curb further bloodshed and killings in Kannur District where manslaughter is a competing sport.”

The court made these observations while ordering an investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation into the murder of Muhammed Fasal, a National Development Front (NDF) worker in Thalassery. The petitioner, Mariyu, alleged that her husband was murdered by Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) activists because he had defected to the NDF from the party.

The court said commented on the case by saying

There had not been “any intelligent investigation” into the case.

Which is the case with most of the Political murders executed by CPM  when they are ruling


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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kannur: Tread with Caution, CPM on Prowl here

Kannur located in north kerala is famous for its folklore such as theyyam, kathakali and also for its martial arts called kalaripayattu. It is also (in) famous for Political Murders which started way back in 1950's. In last 15 days, 07 Persons have lost their lives due to political violence between the CPI-M and RSS. The latest bout was triggered when CPM activists  "free after Kottayam Congress" attacked RSS  Karyavahak, K V Sumesh.

In Kannur, The most heroic leaders live on walls, as faded, framed memories of martyrdom.  It all started way back in 1958.  In 1958, the Mangalore Ganesh Beedi factory shifted to Mangalore (from Kerala) due to labour problems created by the Communist unions. Innumerable workers including Communists - lost their jobs. RSS played an active role then in rehabilitating these workers by securing alternate employment for them. Consequently, many Communists joined the RSS.  The RSS struggle against the imposition of Emergency also provided impetus to RSS Growth in kannur. There were only 17 or 18 shakhas in Thalassery Taluk of Kannur district. Post-Emergency, the number crossed 55.

CPM responded by attacking Political Opponents.. The initial fights were between the CPM and the Socialist Party led by former minister P R Kurup. Then CPM vs Congress, CPM vs Muslim League and now CPM vs RSS. Vadikkal Ramakrishnan, a swayamsevak, was the first victim in 1968 . In 1979 a college student, Panunda Chandran, was murdered inside a RSS shakha. Since then, Kannur has been limping from murder to murder. Unconfirmed reports put the number of deaths due to political violence at 177 - 63 in BJP-RSS camp, 62 CPM cadres, 40 Congress workers and 12 others.

The worst was in 1981, when RSS and CPM workers spent two weeks engaged in a bloodbath that claimed 24 people: 12 RSS workers and 12 from the CPM. Most gruesome of all was the murder of  Jayakrishnan, a teacher of mathematics at Primary School, vice-president of the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha. He was axed to death inside the classroom, in front of his terror-stricken students, on December 1, 1999. In the case of  Jayakrishnan Teacher, A local court sentenced five CPM men to death, the Kerala High court upheld it. The Supreme Court, which let four of them off for want of evidence on appeal later, observed:

“The police investigation, for whatever reason, had not been conducted properly. The slipshod manner in which the investigation was carried out was amply borne out from the records. Despite the fact that a teacher in the classroom before the students of tender age had brutally been murdered, the police did not appear to have shown a very keen interest in the matter. It was expected that the teachers (in the school) would speak out the truth, but they did not.”

The killing fields were more or less calm during the Last  five years of the Congress-led United Democratic Front government. The previous government had brought an end to the madness by giving the police the power to deal with the perpetrators of violence. The police ended the annihilation spree by acting tough against the leaders, who ordered the killings for their political gains. The political hit gangs seem to have returned with a vengeance with the CPM-led government coming back to power.The LDF government replaced all the  upright officers with pliable ones, who allowed CPM activists to interfere with the law and order functions.  Kannur range Inspector General of Police A. Hemachandran and Superintendent of Police Mathew Polycarp were  among the victims. Jail Director General of Police (Prisons) M.G.A Raman was shunted out after he insisted on shifting the prisoners affiliated to the CPM from Kannur jail to Viyyur central prison following violence inside the jail. The Kannur  jail, which used to be CPM fortress barely a few months ago. The LDF Govt lumped together the  “comrade convicts” and they were virtually running the prison themselves, assaulting fellow prisoners of other parties and enjoying the good life.

Last year,  National Crime Records Bureau says Kannur has logged the country’s highest number of riot cases in 2006 — 737 cases, averaging more than a couple every day

The state government says it will do its best to put and end to the killings, but it’s a well known fact that unless the CPI-M and the state government allows the police to act independently, Kannur will remain to be Kerala's killing fields. Well this might be "distant dream" considering the fact that it was the current Chief Minister who had famously thundered during 1999 Mayhem

“attackers would be repaid with interest and compound interest”.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Kerala's Killing Field Headcount - 4

In continuation of  THIS

A 65-year-old BJP worker, admitted to a hospital with grievous injuries, died taking the death toll to seven since the clashes broke out between right and left supporters on Wednesday.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kerala's Killing Field Headcount - 3

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Two more people were killed as clashes between RSS and CPM activists continued at Kannur in Kerala for the third consecutive day on Friday. While a CPM cadre, Anil Kumar, was killed near Panoor, a BJP activist, Suresh Babu, was hacked to death at Kodiyeri.

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