Friday, August 29, 2008

Communism good but not in CPM backyard!

The CPM claims to champion the cause of labour rights. But many employees unceremoniously chucked out from the CPM party mouthpiece in Kerala Deshabhimani, have been denied PF and gratuity they are entitled to.

Mr I.V. Babu who has worked for the daily for the past eight years was expelled recently from the daily as senior sub editor and has not received any reply, despite repeatedly asking for PF and gratuity. He says
"I was fired because I am a loyalist of the Kerala chief minister V.S. Achuthanandam. I am entitled to at least Rs 50,000 but I have not received any reply to my requests. I am consulting my advocate and will soon go to court,"
Another insider in the CPM daily said nearly 60-70 per cent of the staff are Achuthanandan loyalists and more employees could be fired if they speak against Pinarayi faction of the CPM.

CPM never believes in the policy of walk the talk. Some time back CPM owned kairali fired people while CPM was running national campaign against such acts!!!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Looking for partners.

Dear friends who have been reader of this blog,

I have been maintaining this blog for last several years as I strongly believe that we need a central repository of information to expose the disinformation campaign of Communist party in India. I have been careful to avoid any rhetoric and have been factual in all the posts(with links). Of late, work pressure is keeping me away from keeping this up todate. Now I need support of people who would like to join this mission. "only requirement is strong political knowledge & goes without saying that the individual should have healthy aversion towards communist party"

Whoever is interested please leave a comment below....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Buddha attains nirvana

Buddha has finally woken up to reality. In a scathing attack on bandh culture in west Bengal he said
Personally I don’t support bandh. It’s not helping us and our country.But since I come from a party which supports bandh, so I keep mum. But next time if it happens, I’ll open my mouth,.
This is not the first time he has he has expressed his frustration with defiunct communist ideology. Sometime back he in another scathing attack on communism had said
As chief minister I cannot pursue socialism here. We are not fools. So, given the ground reality, we have to invite capitalists for the state’s development,” “We have to bring in private and foreign capital for setting up industries.”
Hopefully Buddha will survive the Bhasmasurans which LEFT will unleash on him and deliver Bengal from the menace of communist party

Sunday, August 24, 2008

CPM’s amusement park set to open

Buoyed by the success of its banks, shopping malls, hospitals, newspapers and television channels, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has forayed into Kerala’s booming tourism industry. Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan will open the Vismaya Vismaya Infotainment Centre, an amusement park build at a whooping cost of Rs 300Mn, in Kannur on August 31.

Entry fee of Rs 300 per adult on working days and Rs 375 on weekends is more than one days pay for most of the workers in Kerala whom CPM claims to represent(The average Keralite earns less than 150 rupees per day)

I wish, if CPM can think for well being of Kerala just like they think for the wellbeing of party!


Kerala a Bandh driven economy?

Its time that Kerala’s tourism corporation change Keralas tagline to "Hartals own country". Between January 16 and August 20 this year, the country’s most literate and most unemployed state(30% for men and 60% for women) successfully participated in a whopping 89 hartals.
Be it the hanging of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain or the Danish cartoon of the Prophet, Malayalis are the first to bring shutters down. Ironically, it is the Kerala High Court which banned bandhs for the first time in the country in 1997, which was later upheld by the Supreme Court also.

But apart from a few hapless stranded tourists everyone seems to be celebrating hartal. The TV channels are happy bunch as they compete for eyeball of Malayali's stranded at home with nothing else to do. The governemnt of Kerala is happy as on Bandh eve cash register of the state beverages’ corporation(sole marketing agency for foreign liquor in Kerala) keeps ringing. The total revenue to the exchequer from sale of foreign liquor was Rs 2913.90 crore in 2007-08, an increase of Rs 488.41 crore than the previous year. On the last hartal, some parts of the idyllic state managed to clock up sales of more chicken and liquor than even at Christmas. So more Bandh means more revenue to Government of Kerala. With no other Industry in Kerala, I am sure Kerala Government will not say no to this source of Income.

On the flipside, Even though hartals have helped to increase the "quality" family time. There is only some much a hubby and wife can bear each other resulting in kerala having highest divorse rates in India.

Now it seems that even CPM has jumped into fray to keep Malayali's entertained. CPM’s this month started an amusement park at a whooping cost of Rs300mn. The park is the brainchild of Achuthanandan’s archrival Pinnarayi Vijayan, the CPM state secretary.