Friday, July 14, 2006

Filmed at Madam "S"'s door step

CPM to act as Watchdog: Yetchry

In my wildest dream I never thought it would be like this

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Even Madanis Photo was most Valued

In Kerala, Abdul Nazar Madani was being used by both the LDF and the UDF for electoral gains once again. While the political bonhomie between the PDP and the LDF has made it expedient for some of the Left candidates in the state to use the photo of Madani in their election posters, the incarcerated leader has become the target of the UDF camp as well.

In many posters of the LDF candidates, the candidate concerned can be seen overshadowed by a colossal image of Madani. And as if to assert their we-love-Madani claim, there are catchy headlines pitying the condition of Madani.

We have given permission only to the LDF for using the photograph of Madani and no one else has the right to do so,said PDP leader C.K.Abdul Azeez.

To the Unaware:

- Abdul Nasser Madhani is prime accused in 1998 Coimbatore Serial Bomb Blast case which killed more than 59 people.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Democratic Progressive Alliance (DPA) in Tamilnadu

Current Members: DMK, PMK, Congress, CPI, CPM and IUML

Three Years Back Same time, CPM Article on "Casteist Organisations and the Party*"

It is a fact that the caste problem in Kerala cannot be fully explained in isolation of communalism. Muslim and Christian communalism have also been an inspiration to the current caste trends. The issues related to communalism and religious minorities are not being considered in this document. The Party Congress and the State Committee have adopted clear stand on Communalism. The existence of Kerala Congress and Muslim League, as political parties centered on Christian and Muslim minorities, and holding power in the state is also an inspiration for the casteist leaders of Hindu religion to enter into politics. This prepared the ground for strengthening the caste based politics.

CPM Newsletter

TD, CPM likely to lose MPPs in Khammam

KHAMMAM: With the CPM announcing that it was not averse to take Congress support to win the Khammam ZP chief post, the nascent Telugu Desam-CPM alliance is in jeopardy.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

CPM - TDP Allaince

CPI dares CPM to defend alliance with TDP

CPI State unit secretary K Narayana has challenged the CPM to defend the alliance with the TDP, whose government abetted the police violence against the party activists taking part in the anti-power strike five years back, killing three people, including Sattenapalli Ramakrishna of Khammam town.

“I wonder what reply they would give to the widow of the slain activist?” he quipped at a press conference here on Thursday

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Same time a Year Back, Political Resolution of CPM

POLITICAL RESOLUTION ADOPTED AT THE 18TH CONGRESS OF THE CPI(M) (Held at New Delhi between April 6 and 11, 2005)

The most significant political development at the national level since the 17th Congress has been the clear defeat of the BJP-led NDA government in the Lok Sabha elections of May 2004. The people of India overthrew the RSS-controlled regime on account of its anti-people and pro-imperialist economic policies, its communal and divisive platform, its massive corruption scandals and its attacks on democratic rights. The simultaneous elections to the Andhra Pradesh assembly saw the even more decisive defeat of the TDP government, which had all along acted as the foremost agent of the World Bank. Three months later, the BJP-Shiv Sena communal combine was humbled in the Maharashtra assembly elections.

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Same time Five Year Back, Article in Weekly Organ of CPM

Neo Liberal Policies At The Root of TDP's Defeat

The mandate of the recently concluded elections to the local bodies in Andhra Pradesh was clearly against the ruling Telugu Desam party's anti people policies. Though TDP emerged as the largest party in these elections, the results were not up to their expectations. It shows clearly that the mandate is against the TDP’s anti-people policies.

The main cause of the defeat of the TDP was the implementation of liberalised policies in the state, which are the part of anti-people’s policies pursued by the government at the behest World Bank.

{My comment: Seems Mr. Buddha has not read this Article}

CPI(M) and CPI could come to seat adjustments only in limited places. The CPI alligned even with TDP in Khammam district, Ramanapeta in Nalgonda district and at some other places. It effected badly the task of defeating the TDP-BJP front for which we are working unitedly. We wrote a letter to CPI state leadership on this issue. There is no reply till today.
{My comment: This takes the cake.}

It is clear that out party mass base is still weak. Only with the unleashing of militant struggles in a big way, our base will be strengthened.

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Leopards do change spots

All sectors in Kerala open to investment: Achuthanandan

Making a strong pitch for investments in his financially crunched state, Kerala Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan said his government would welcome all investors - private as well as foreign - in every sector, provided the proposals were ‘not against the interests of the state’.

‘We welcome all investments - both private and foreign. But their conditions should not be against the interests of the state and welfare of its people,’ Achuthanandan told IANS in an interview here.

All sectors, including traditional industries, are open for private investment,’ he said.

Asked why Kerala comrades could not follow their West Bengal counterparts, who have recently changed their mode of protests from blockading roads and disrupting work, Achuthanandan said, ‘We will have to think about it.’

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