Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Silence of the Jackals

Annual wholesale price inflation has jumped to its highest in more THE DEMIGODS than three years at 7 percent. At a time when the Lower and Middle Class of India is reeling under the pressure of Price Increase, CPM the so called WatchDog(No, its not Dog with a Watch) and Saviour of Poor has strangely decided to Remain Silent.

We didnot see CPM Trademark Bandhs and Agitations. If  in Rome, it was Nero Playing fiddle when Rome was burning. India has its communists who decided to play Party Congress when Nation was facing Gravest of Issues. 

The Best we heard was the usual Barking. The CPM party congress called for “sustained and militant actions” which could mobilise crores of people affected by the price rise.


salmanspeaks said...
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salmanspeaks said...

You seem to be blaming "Left" for every economic/social/political ill existing in the country.

The inflation has been stoked by the global reason- primarily due to the neo conservative/right wing policy of Bush administration's policies.