Thursday, March 20, 2008

CPM: Land reform was for developing capitalism

Ask any comrade worth his salt on the biggest Achievement of CPM in India, the answer would be land reforms. However after Nandigram and Singur, comrades are questioning the rationale  of the Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee government's policy of industrialisation by acquiring farmland. They are desperately looking for directions from the CPM leadership on how to go to the electorate in the coming elections. As the rural population is seething from the state government's aggressive approach in forcibly acquiring land for industrialisation that runs counter to the party ideology of championing the cause of poor farmers.

The Marxist Leadership is at pains to explain the shift in its ideological
and tactical line in favour of its class enemy - the capitalists. after much brainstorming, the CPI-M leadership has come out with a new theory during the Recent West Bengal State Conference. Now according to the Marxist Leadership:

"the land reforms programme implemented during the past 30 years was a process of capitalist development and it is wrong to find in it elements of socialism"

And as a logical corollary to this ideological line, they said

 "current industrialisation initiative is likewise capitalist in character. Both (land reforms and industrialisation) are two different forms of capitalist growth. Capitalism is the intermediate stage between feudalism and socialism. We have to use the  opportunities of industrial growth, while continuing the fight against its negative aspects and keeping in view the objective of abolishing the capitalist system".

I guess as per the new theory of CPM Capitalism is not that bad, after
all they have spend last 30 years implementing it! A "Petite
bourgeoisie" is not a hated word!

Source: By Uday Basu. Kolkata, Jan. 15. A ">The Statesman report

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