Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Buddha attains nirvana

Buddha has finally woken up to reality. In a scathing attack on bandh culture in west Bengal he said
Personally I don’t support bandh. It’s not helping us and our country.But since I come from a party which supports bandh, so I keep mum. But next time if it happens, I’ll open my mouth,.
This is not the first time he has he has expressed his frustration with defiunct communist ideology. Sometime back he in another scathing attack on communism had said
As chief minister I cannot pursue socialism here. We are not fools. So, given the ground reality, we have to invite capitalists for the state’s development,” “We have to bring in private and foreign capital for setting up industries.”
Hopefully Buddha will survive the Bhasmasurans which LEFT will unleash on him and deliver Bengal from the menace of communist party

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