Saturday, March 08, 2008

Kerala's Killing Field Headcount - 3

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Two more people were killed as clashes between RSS and CPM activists continued at Kannur in Kerala for the third consecutive day on Friday. While a CPM cadre, Anil Kumar, was killed near Panoor, a BJP activist, Suresh Babu, was hacked to death at Kodiyeri.

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  RSS CPM Others
05-03-08 2 1 0
06-03-08 1 0 0
07-03-08 1 1 0
Total 4 2 0


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Friday, March 07, 2008

Marxist-nationalist JVP calls for boycott of Indian goods and Look who is their friends in India

The Marxist-nationalist Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) has threatened to call for a boycott of goods from India. They allege that India is interfering" in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka

If the JVP does call for a boycott of Indian goods, and enforces it, the loss to India will be tremendous. India exports goods worth $1.8 billion to Sri Lanka every year. The island is India's largest trading partner in the South Asian region. India is the fourth largest foreign investor in Sri Lanka, having pumped in $500 million. India had also given Sri Lanka credit to the tune of $281 million in the past four years.

No call by the JVP can be taken lightly in the current political context, because it has 38 members in the Sri Lankan Parliament and the Rajapaksa government is dependent on the JVP MPs for its survival.

It would be worth remembering that twenty years ago, in 1987-88, the JVP had tried to enforce a boycott of Indian goods in protest against the India-Sri Lanka Accord and the 13th amendment.

Now lets take a look at JVP's friends in India. Well no surprises there. Its the usual culprits CPM and CPI.

CPM has been inviting JVP for their party congress for last three decades. However, this year they didnot invite them due to their alliance with DMK in Tamilnadu. The JVP, which stands for a “unitary Sri Lanka”, wants the Tigers wiped out, whether through military combat or ideological means.  While, CPM has identified Tamil Nadu as one of the “priority” states where it can improve its base, and is keen to avoid alienating the large sections of Tamils sympathetic to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

The CPI, however, has invited the Sri Lankan party to its party congress, to be held in Hyderabad from March 23 to 27. JVP parliamentarians Bimal Ratnayake and Ramalingam Chandrasekhar are expected at the conference.

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Sheila Dikshit: Left owes its allegiance to countries other than India

Shiela Dixit one of the Honest faces of Congress has finally taken the bull by horn and Said what no other Congress person has dared to say till date.

She was speaking at a public meeting in Kochi, Kerala. She said

The Left owes its allegiance to countries other than India. Are they against their own country? Why do they oppose it for India and not for their supposed friends China and Russia?... they do something, mean something else and say a third thing....... They are not the nationalists we thought they were.

It will be interesting to see the reaction of these Pekingese(they are dogs by their own admission) . for the unaware, Pekingese  also known as "Beijing Royal Court Lion Dog" is a famous Chinese Breed of dog were bred mainly for appreciation and enjoyment by the Chinese  aristocrats, and the common people were forbidden to raise. They were mostly ornamental dogs as CPM in India

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Kerala's Killing Field Headcount - 2

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Law and order situation in and around Thalassery worsened with the murder of a BJP worker at Chittariparamba near Koothuparamba on Thursday evening. Another BJP worker was stabbed at nearby Kaitheri.

The police said that BJP worker A. Mahesh (32), an autorickshaw driver, was murdered by a group of suspected Communist Party of India (Marxist) workers at around 6 p.m.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Killing fields of Kannur Flareup Again

Trouble started when RSS Thalasserry town 'karyavah' MP Sumesh was attacked in the evening, allegedly by a group of CPM workers. A seriously injured Sumesh was admitted to the Medical College Hospital in Kozhikode. Within half an hour, the RSS retaliated by killing CPM worker Ranjith

Of the dead, one belonged to the CPM and the two others belonged to RSS.

Here onwards, I am planning to maintain a scorecard

  RSS CPM Others
05-03-08 2 1 0
Total 2 1 0


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Monday, March 03, 2008

Kerala Court speeds up probe against CPM government

A special court here Monday asked the state vigilance department to submit within a week the findings of last year's probe into two corruption scandals worth Rs. 30 million involving Deshabhimani, the official newspaper owned by the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

The fresh directions came following a request by petitioner P. Rahim to the court alleging that the CPI-M-led government was stalling the investigations.

The court had ordered an enquiry July 13 last year.

The cases pertain to Deshabhimani collecting Rs. 20 million by way of a bond from lottery kingpin S. Martin and allegations against its general manager K. Venugopal (since expelled from the CPI-M and dismissed by the newspaper), charging him with accepting a bribe of Rs.10 million from a controversial private financial institution that closed down in 2006.


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Face of Kerala CPM Politicians

1. E.P Jayarajan

E.P Jayarajan saying:times have changed, this is not the era of long beards, black tea and daal vada’s, you cannot expect the party to go back to that age”. E, P Jayaraj who is from Pinnarai Vijayan Faction was indirectly criticizing V. S Achuthandan who is considered a Hardliner. 

2. V. S Achuthandan: Redefining CM as Clown Minister

VS is trying hard to occupy the Seat Left vacant by E. K Nayanar

3. Eat chicken not rice: Kerala Food Minister C Divakaran

Kerala Food Minister C Divakaran's statement urging people to eat eggs, chicken and drink milk instead of consuming rice has creating a furore.

4. Minister G Sudhakaran: Face of a GOONDA!

CPM Kottayam State Conference

CPM Workers run amok in Nandigram Again

A day before Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee visits Nandigram, 12 persons were injured in three separate clashes since Saturday night between the CPI(M) and members of the Bhumi Uchhed Pratirodh Committee (BUPC).

According to the police, armed CPI(M) cadres fired at members of BUPC at Satengabari on Sunday following rumours that a CPI(M) member was beaten up by BUPC members. Four BUPC supporters — Debashis Mondal, Paritosh Das, Dolan Das, and Jalad Baran Das — had sustained bullet injuries. The condition of Mondal was stated to be critical

Where is the Mother of Human Right Activists "Teesta Seetalvad"


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