Friday, February 13, 2009

Communism will be finished in India within five or 10 years

On the background of SNC-Lavalin saga, Experts and ex communists believe that communism in India will be finished in India in next 5-10 years. There have been allegations of corruption and misappropriation of money dozens of times earlier and But this is the first time that the once highly disciplined CPI-M has washed its dirty laundry with such gusto in public.

Eminent historian M G S Narayanan, who was once known for his Marxist moorings and past headed the prestigious Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), says:

Communism will be finished in this country within five or 10 years. Don't assess the current development as an isolated one. The CPI-M has faced an ideological crisis for several years. It passed through different stages and now it is in its final stage. People have rejected communism in almost all countries. Even in China, communism exists only in name. Such a situation will come in India also.

Chekkutty, the founder editor of the CPI-M-owned Kairali TV, says

The bureaucratic establishment that the Communist Party has become will not survive for long. The party seems to have become a massive tree without any deep roots. It is likely to wither away. At the same time, the working class need a strong political party. There is likely to be a new political formation to replace the present communist establishment.

Even ordinary workers of CPM are fedup with the way CPM operates in Kerala. Sajoy George, a district leader of the CPI-M- linked Kerala School Teachers Association says

I am very much worried over the developments. It will defeat the spirit of communism. The party should be above persons. The two leaders failed to understand the sentiments of the masses. This episode has done big damage to the party. They must end this fight.

To make matters worse, The Communist Party of India-Marxist of today has apparently decided to adopt the supreme sycophant late Dev Kant Baruah, then president of the Congress, displayed by solemnly declaiming in the Emergency era that 'India is Indira and Indira is India

CPI-M Central Committee member E P Jayarajan recently pronounced

'Pinarayi Vijayan means the Communist movement.'The present move (by a section in the party) is to finish the Communist movement (in the state). And for that they have targeted Vijayan and are trying to finish him off.'

If you want to see how far the cult of personality has entered the halls of the CPI-M look no farther than the party's Web site. Nestling along such weighty matters as the party positions on the Union Budget, World Trade Organisation negotiations, and the Iran nuclear issue, there is a new section called 'Lavlin Case -- Facts'. (Couldn't the CPI-M at least spell 'Lavalin' correctly?) Why should the CPI-M even have an official position on an allegation against an individual member?