Saturday, March 29, 2008

End of a Era for CPM

The CPM is beginning Coimbatore party congress without its last remaining founding fathers, Jyoti Basu and Harkishen Singh Surjeet.

This is the first time the two veterans — members of the original politburo that had presided over the CPM’s formation by splitting timage he undivided communist party in 1964 — will be absent from the important meeting. Both have opted out, citing their advanced age.

Now the Next Era belongs to Leaders like  Husband Wife Duo Prakash and Brinda Karat.  It is Ironic that the UK Educated General Secretary of CPM which claims to be representative of  Workers and Peasants has never worked in his life to earn Livelihood! In fact, According to his own admission he went to Edinburgh University to Avoid Working!

"I wanted to avoid taking a job after my graduation."

His Wife, Brinda Karat was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. A Career Airhostess and a Parttime Actress (she has acted in Amu, a film directed by Shonali Bose), She did her schooling from Premier  Welham  Girls School in Dehradun and College was done from Miranda House one of the premier Women's Institutions of Delhi University. Her political activities ranged from campaigning against the mandatory wearing of skirts in the airlines to accusing famous Hindu seer Baba Ramdev of violating labor laws, and publicizing accusations about his workers mixing human body parts in potions

The best part is the Husband Wife Duo has never won a Popular Election.

Now in Coimbatore, Prakash Karat shares a larger-than-life poster with Fidel Castro and his wife is busy providing "soundbites" to secular media.

What a fall for a party who used to Boast of Leaders like EMS etc...

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