Monday, August 18, 2008

CPM Councillor 'beats' pregnant woman

In a shocking incident, a pregnant woman lost her baby after she was allegedly hit by a CPM councillor in Adilabad when she went to seek rain compensation from the councillor.

A resident of Ranadhivinagar colony in the town, Lalitha, who was into her six month of pregnancy, went to counsellor Annapurna's house on Saturday night urging her to help her get the compensation. Instead of taking her representation, Annapurna reportedly kicked Lalitha on her stomach.

Though the relatives immediately shifted Lalitha to a nearby hospital, the doctors confirmed that she lost the baby due to heavy bleeding. Angered by the councillor's action, the BJP activists took to the streets on Sunday and staged dharnas.

According to the family members, a CPM worker Ganganna on Sunday noon went to the hospital where Lalitha was admitted and threatened her to withdraw her complaint against the councillor. But the enraged relatives beat up Ganganna and handed him over to the police. Meanwhile, the police have registered a case.


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1conoclast said...


Just one question. Have you in your entire life on the blogosphere, EVER spoken out against babu bajrangi for what he did in gujarat?
If you have, please point me to that comment/post.
And if you've defended him, which you may well have knowing your leanings, please point me to that post/comment too as I'd really like to know for sure "who" I'm talking to.