Monday, March 31, 2008

Statistics shows Youth and Women donot See CPM as Alternative

Statistics shows that the young Indian does not see CPM as an attractive political option. only 17% of its members are below 30 years and it has only 12% of women wholetimers across the country.

More Worrying is the attrition Rate whcih CPM is facing, In Kerala, the dropout rate from the party's membership is 10.5%, which is 3% higher than the national average of 7.5%. The dropout rate in West Bengal, where the Left Front has ruled for four decades is only 3.5%. While in Tamil Nadu, there is 16.5% dropout from the party every year.

No wonder the political organisational report of CPM confesses that there is a problem of getting wholetimers in the party.


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salmanspeaks said...

Indian youth doesnot see Left as alternative because they are heavily under the influence of "Identity Politics". Pick up any state and you will find that Chief Ministers have assumed power due to superior management of "Caste"/"Religion" equations.

If Left is Hypocratic then what about the rest of parties?
Congress- Psuedo secularist?
BJP- Fascist?
Regional Parties- Casteist?

Kindly enlighten!