Friday, March 14, 2008

CPI(M) terms US report on Nandigram as 'interference' in India

The CPI(M) today termed a US official report referring to Nandigram violence as "interference" in Indian affairs and asked Washington to concentrate on alleged gross human rights violations in Iraq and by Israel in the Gaza strip.

At a press conference, CPI(M) leader Mohd Salim said

"we don't think the US is the custodian or champion of human rights. Some people here think the Bush administration is so, but we do not suffer from any such illusions."

This is hilarious coming from the same group  of people who were in forefront to influence American State department to deny Mr. Narendra Modi, , a diplomatic visa and to revoke his existing tourist/business visa! Once they achieved the objective they had gleefully declared

CAG  considers the denial of visa to Mr. Modi as a clear victory for supporters of human rights and justice in the U.S. and in India. It sends a clear message that perpetrators of religious and political persecution can be held accountable for their actions through dedicated work by broad, inclusive coalitions.  Indian and U.S. groups share a long, common tradition of battling for human rights, and securing justice for the oppressed that CAG and its partners will continue to build on. 

In Nandigram case also, Amnesty International had accused the West Bengal government of colluding with CPM party workers in Nandigram and failing to institute an impartial inquiry into the violence. The report released by the rights watch group said.

“The manner in which the government of West Bengal failed to take positive action to address the issue suggests that the government was acquiescent in the human rights abuses by the armed supporters of the CPM during the November violence,”

The investigating agency has told the Calcutta High Court in its status report that the CPM workers dressed as policemen had fired at protesters, witnesses were being threatened by them and that the authenticity of the medical reports handed over to it was questionable.

Now it is Hilarious to CPM is taking "High Moral" ground that US is interfering in India's affair! Where was this morality when they worked overtime to get visa of a Indian Chief Minister Denied!

Hypocrisy Thy Name is CPM

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Ranjith said...

Today Yechury said that they can't interfere in Tibet issue since it is an "internal affair" of China:


Now contrast this with the Nepal affair:

where the Polit Bureau denounces the crackdown by the King’s regime in Nepal against the movement to restore democracy!

Wasn't that an "interference" in "internal affair" of Nepal ?