Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CPM Alliance with TDP

The CPI on Monday announced that it would enter into a tie-up with main opposition TDP for Assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh scheduled to be held early next year, saying that the main objective of such an alliance was to defeat the ruling Congress. The CPI(M) has already indicated its decision to sail with TDP in the coming elections.

Four years back this time(Article from Weekly Organ of the CPM)

CPI(M)’S Rashtra Rakshana Bheri

THE CPI(M) in Andhra Pradesh conducted Rashtra Rakshana Bheri (campaign for defending the state), an extensive political campaign in the state with the objective of propagating the need to save the state by defeating the TDP-BJP combine in the forthcoming elections to the state assembly. During the vigorous campaign all over the state,  The CPI(M) leaders and cadres will to the people how the Chandrababu Naidu government was behaving like a slave of the World Bank, agreeing to and implementing its conditionalities and their disastrous consequences, which are extremely detrimental to larger public interest.

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CPM to ally with AIADMK for polls

CPM has decided to go with AIADMK in Tamil Nadu in the next general election. The decision is likely to be made public during the party's two-day politburo meeting beginning on November 29.Confirming the alliance, a senior party leader said,

"In all likelihood, we will have a tie-up with AIADMK." 

CPI has already decided to go with Jayalalitha. Party sources said both the Left parties feel AIADMK is on the upswing and is likely to do well in the next Lok Sabha election. (comment: That essentially measn we will sleep with anyone who will get us few seats..)

Two years back this time(Article from Weekly Organ of the CPM)

Dislodge The Anti-People Jayalalitha Govt CPI(M)’s Clarion Call For The People Of Tamilnadu

A SPECIAL political conference of the CPI(M) Tamilnadu state unit called upon the people of the state to throw out the anti-people Jayalalitha government in the coming elections to the state assembly. The conference adopted a resolution delineating the people’s issues on which the elections must be fought. The resolution also contained contours of the alternative pro-people path any new government must adopt after coming to power.

The conference got off to a start on February 18 amidst thunderous slogans of ‘Red Salute to Red flag’ and ‘Red Salute to CPI(M)’ renting the air at Madurai Thamukkam Grounds with R Umanath, Polit Bureau member of the CPI(M) hoisting the Party flag.
At a time when all political parties in the state were engrossed in the task of seat sharing negotiations, the CPI(M) state committee was engaged in a different but admirable activity of conducting a political conference at Madurai for the purpose of formulating its document for an alternative path.

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