Saturday, April 12, 2008

West Bengal BANS Anti China Protests!

Olympic torch relay may be happening in New Delhi but CPM led West Bengal Government has banned all Anti China Protests in West Bengal!

Two weeks after it allowed Tibetan activists to hold a candlelight vigil, the CPM-led West Bengal Government has denied them permission to hold a three-day anti-China public rally scheduled to begin today forcing them to go indoors.

Ironically, there were as many as 11 rallies in the city during the day. These included a rally by the Trinamool in Park Circus to protest against the state government’s failure to check prices and a similar one by CPM supporters in Tollygunge to protest against inflation.

Chinese Consul General in Kolkata Mao Siwei was quick to give much deserved praise to CPM

“This is a correct decision because the Government of India made a commitment to the Government of China that no anti-China rallies will be allowed to take place anywhere in the country,”

Remember this is the same CPM which had said

right to strike is a fundamental rights of not only government employees but of the entire working class

I guess the for CPM Loyalty towards their masters in China is more important that "some fundamental Right" of people.



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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yechury More Worried about Olympic Flame than Human Life

Kiran Bedi has pulled out, and Rahul Gandhi’s mind is not known yet. But when Aamir Khan runs with "the Beijing Olympics torch in his hand and a prayer for Tibet in his heart", he will be rubbing shoulders with Chinese securitymen recently described as 'watchdogs' and 'thugs' in Europe

Security agencies fear self-immolation bids and burning of Chinese flags to disrupt the relay.

Concerned that Tibetan protesters may succeed, CPM politburo member Sitaram Yechury called upon the government on Wednesday to see that there were no disruptions.

Mr Yethury, It so sounds like you are more worried that Fire may get Hurt when a person attempts self-immolation bids



Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Silence of the Jackals

Annual wholesale price inflation has jumped to its highest in more THE DEMIGODS than three years at 7 percent. At a time when the Lower and Middle Class of India is reeling under the pressure of Price Increase, CPM the so called WatchDog(No, its not Dog with a Watch) and Saviour of Poor has strangely decided to Remain Silent.

We didnot see CPM Trademark Bandhs and Agitations. If  in Rome, it was Nero Playing fiddle when Rome was burning. India has its communists who decided to play Party Congress when Nation was facing Gravest of Issues. 

The Best we heard was the usual Barking. The CPM party congress called for “sustained and militant actions” which could mobilise crores of people affected by the price rise.