Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Secular CPM


Kerala state secretary Pinnarai Vijayan sharing stage with Madhani An accused in Coimbatore bomb blast and let of because of lack of evidence, linked to several terrorist

Will  Pinnarai Vijayan  ever share a dias with a Hindu leader?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

For support, is CPM going easy on Madani family?

Bonhomie between CPM and People's Democratic Party chief Abdul Nasser Madani, acquitted in the 1998 Coimbatore blasts case, in Kerala may not have come without a price. Investigations into some recent acts of terror reportedly point to the radical Muslim cleric-turned-politician's family. One of these relates to the 2005 bus burning case at Aluva near Kochi in which five men armed with pistols and other weapons had hijacked a Tamil Nadu State Road Transport Corporation bus soon after it left Kochi on September 9, 2005. They forced the driver to take it to an isolated spot. Later they set the bus on fire after forcing out the passengers. They were also shouting slogans in favour of Madani and against the Tamil Nadu government.

Police has found following evidence:

  1. Majeed Parambayi, an accused in the case, has also spilled the beans on Sufiya's alleged role in the case. The woman, he said, had called him to say that Madani was beaten up in the jail and that it was to be avenged. He also confessed to having distributed the money given by her to the accused after the crime.
  2. One of the accused in the case was Abdul Rahim, who along with three other youth from Kerala was killed by security forces in Kashmir in October 2008 while they were on their way to PoK. Sleuths are reportedly in possession of telephone call records between Rahim and Sufiya.
  3. A key witness in the case, Yousuf, had testified that the planning was done at the house of Madani's wife Sufiya at Eranakulam, sources said.Yousuf's statement recorded before a magistrate is part of the chargesheet filed recently by the police.

Inspite of substantial evidence Sufiya does not figure in the list of the accused!!!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

VS volte-face, attends Pinarayi rally or.... Was it?

Chief minister V S Achuthanandan surprised everyone by attending the closing ceremony of the `Nava Kerala Yatra' led by his rival and party state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan.

But if anyone thought the issue was resolved, there was a dampener.  Both VS and Pinnarai Vijayan took potshots at eachother in their speeches .

VS said in his speech:

"The general secretary said how we will fight allegations against the state secretary in the case - politically and legally. It will be fought legally and when he gets an opportunity to prove his innocence in court, it will be done,'' 

VS also added that the way out was not by fighting the judiciary. If that was not enough, he also referred to corruption charges faced by leaders of the Congress-led UDF like K Karunakaran and Balakrishna Pillai.

Pinarayi, who spoke before the CM also fired innuendos at him. Referring to the story of a boy who wondered why there were no waves in a bucket of water drawn from the sea, Pinarayi said everyone in CPM realises that they had no existence without the party.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Pinarayi Vijayan is guilty

The CBI report submitted to the Kerala High Court and seen by HT has provided specific instances of Vijayan’s complete involvement, something which his party bosses have denied so far.

The detailed  CBI report says

“Though the total contract amount for renovation and modernisation of Pallivasal, Sengulam and Panniar hydroelectric projects was Rs 243 crore, a total amount of Rs 333 crore was spent,”

It also says that a committee headed by senior CPM leader E. Balanandan had submitted a report to Vijayan in 1997. Balanandan’s report was based on the recommendations of experts. It estimated the total cost of repair and modernisation as just Rs 100 crore. CBI report says

“Without considering the recommendations of the Balandan committee, supply contracts were signed with SNC Lavalin immediately. Even a naïve or unsophisticated person will not believe the offer of Rs 100 crore of grant-in-aid for a project initially estimated at Rs 159 crore. Obviously, Lavalin wanted to bag the contract at an exorbitant rate and accused officials along with the minister wanted the cancer centre,”

Pinarayi visited Canada in 1996, shortly after taking over as the power minister and finalised the contract in the absence of then Chief Minister E.K. Nayanar, the agency alleged. 


Friday, February 13, 2009

Communism will be finished in India within five or 10 years

On the background of SNC-Lavalin saga, Experts and ex communists believe that communism in India will be finished in India in next 5-10 years. There have been allegations of corruption and misappropriation of money dozens of times earlier and But this is the first time that the once highly disciplined CPI-M has washed its dirty laundry with such gusto in public.

Eminent historian M G S Narayanan, who was once known for his Marxist moorings and past headed the prestigious Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), says:

Communism will be finished in this country within five or 10 years. Don't assess the current development as an isolated one. The CPI-M has faced an ideological crisis for several years. It passed through different stages and now it is in its final stage. People have rejected communism in almost all countries. Even in China, communism exists only in name. Such a situation will come in India also.

Chekkutty, the founder editor of the CPI-M-owned Kairali TV, says

The bureaucratic establishment that the Communist Party has become will not survive for long. The party seems to have become a massive tree without any deep roots. It is likely to wither away. At the same time, the working class need a strong political party. There is likely to be a new political formation to replace the present communist establishment.

Even ordinary workers of CPM are fedup with the way CPM operates in Kerala. Sajoy George, a district leader of the CPI-M- linked Kerala School Teachers Association says

I am very much worried over the developments. It will defeat the spirit of communism. The party should be above persons. The two leaders failed to understand the sentiments of the masses. This episode has done big damage to the party. They must end this fight.

To make matters worse, The Communist Party of India-Marxist of today has apparently decided to adopt the supreme sycophant late Dev Kant Baruah, then president of the Congress, displayed by solemnly declaiming in the Emergency era that 'India is Indira and Indira is India

CPI-M Central Committee member E P Jayarajan recently pronounced

'Pinarayi Vijayan means the Communist movement.'The present move (by a section in the party) is to finish the Communist movement (in the state). And for that they have targeted Vijayan and are trying to finish him off.'

If you want to see how far the cult of personality has entered the halls of the CPI-M look no farther than the party's Web site. Nestling along such weighty matters as the party positions on the Union Budget, World Trade Organisation negotiations, and the Iran nuclear issue, there is a new section called 'Lavlin Case -- Facts'. (Couldn't the CPI-M at least spell 'Lavalin' correctly?) Why should the CPI-M even have an official position on an allegation against an individual member?



Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pinarayi Vijayan Kerala CPM state secretary in League of global leaders

Kerala's CPM state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan has joined a select league of world leaders including Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao  and former US president George Bush  who have braved missiles in recent times.

Expectedly, coming from one of Kerala's dhoti-clad denizens, the missile was a chappal as against Jiabao and Bush who had to duck shoes in London and Baghdad respectively. In other similarities between the incidents, all three protestors missed their targets and all shouted curses to back up their acts.

Iraqi television journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi shouted "this is a goodbye kiss from the Iraqi people, dog", when he hurled the first shoe and, "this is for the widows and orphans and all those killed in Iraq" when he threw the second one.

The young man who targeted Jiabao in London had shouted "dictator" while throwing the footwear, which reportedly missed the target by a metre.

The Payyannur protestor, identified as 29-year-old T M Shaji shouted "V S Achuthanandan zindabad" before throwing his chappal, just after Vijayan had reviewed a guard of honor by his cadres.

A League of their own

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Pinarayi Vijayan's Rs 85-crore cancer hospital that was to be.


The CPM party constitution says.

“Party members found to be strike-breakers, drunkards, moral degenerates, betrayers of party confidence, guilty of grave financial corruption can be summarily suspended from the party membership and removed from all responsible positions by the party unit to which they belongs or by a higher party body pending the issue of the chargesheet to them and getting their explanation. This summary suspension and removal from all responsible positions in the party cannot be extended for a period of more than three months,”

of course this is not applicable for people who are "more" equal

Monday, February 02, 2009

CPM honcho leases land at Re 1/acre

The current price of land in the heart of the industrial town of Haldia is Rs 20 crore an acre. But for someone as powerful as Lakshman Seth - the chairman of the Haldia Development Authority (HDA) and CPM member of the Lok Sabha from Tamluk - the same land can be as cheap as Re 1 per acre.

The HDA donated nearly 37 acres to Indian Centre for Advancement of Research and Education (ICARE), an NGO run by Seth, for just Rs 37.

This is the second case in which a CPM leader has used his political clout to promote an NGO run by him. Central committee member Nilotpal Basu had taken bank loans for his NGO, GRASSO, but had failed to pay up.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

CBI to prosecute CPM kerala state secretary

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has sought the Kerala Governor’s sanction to prosecute CPM state general secretary and Politburo member Pinarayi Vijayan in the SNC Lavalin corruption case. Vijayan was the power minister when the state electricity board signed a deal with SNC Lavalin Inc, a Canadian firm, for renovating three hydel projects.
This is the first time that a member of the party’s highest decision-making body is being chargesheeted in a corruption case.
The investigating agency has sought the Governor’s permission as Vijayan is a former minister. The agency has also sought the Chief Secretary’s permission to prosecute top bureaucrats who are among the list of the dozen accused.
The CPM-led Government had tried hard to avert a CBI probe. When the High Court took up two PILs seeking a CBI probe, the Government brought senior Supreme Court lawyers R K Anand and C S Vaidyanathan to appear for it and argued that the case was politically motivated. The court, however, found merit in the petitioners’ claim.
The High Court division bench, at one point of hearing, asked why the government was worried about a CBI probe. The government did not appeal in the Supreme Court as the CPM central leadership was opposed to such a move


Monday, January 12, 2009

Even Animals are not safe under CPM rule

In 2009

The latest victim of CPM hooliganism is a dog. His only crime being he belonged to BJP activist 12_17_490_7827235 and lawyer R Jayaprakash.  Yesterday,  CPM Goons attacked BJP activist and lawyer R Jayaprakash' home in Thalassery killed the family's dog. 

This is not the first time CPM gave political colours to animals and showed their ire on them.

In 1993

In 1993, it was a strange case of CPM goons taking out their venom on snakes. CPM 12-2 workers vandalised and set fire to the Parassinikkadavu Snake Park in Kannur. The reason for the wanton destruction of what was one of the finest snake sanctuaries in Asia, was the defeat of the CPM nominees in a recent election to the governing body of the A K G Memorial Cooperative Hospital. The election was won by candidates of the breakaway CPM wing, headed by M V Raghavan, who is also president of a charitable society that manages the snake park.
The two hours of vandalism took a high toll -- rare species of reptiles, including 12 cobras, two king cobras and monitor lizards; migratory birds, such as painted and grey storks, and peacocks, vultures, eagles, several mynah species and rabbits were burnt to death. Some snakes that escaped the flames were stoned to death by CPM workers.

In 2001,

In 2001 , the animals in Parassinikkadavu Snake Park again were victims of the revenge drama played out by the CPM and its former leader M.V. Raghavan in northern Kerala. f9

The posse of 150 odd policemen who encircled the park at 4.30 in the morning had been told just one thing. Make sure that no one would hamper the wildlife personnel from locking up the park. They also had to help out the wildlife officials to pack up the snakes in sacks, tie up full grown crocodiles on to wooden logs. Some of the crocodile hatchlings were dumped into a gunny bag. The hired hands showed little mercy while capturing the animals. The snakes were pulled out by their tail, the crocodiles tied to bamboo poles. They were all then packed tightly in gunny bags.

Raju, the lion-tailed macaque, which had suffered burns when the CPM cadre vandalised the park in 1993, created a scene before being overpowered with an injection. An unconscious Raju was bundled into a tiny wooden cage.

The idea was to drive them to Wayanad and Palakkad districts and release the animals — many of them tamed and had lived only in cages — in the forests of Western Ghats. The plan came unstruck as Mehr Singh, who in private circles claims to be a classmate of the CPM general secretary Harkishen Singh Surjeet, could not get clearance from the Taliparamaba magistrate to transport the animals

Per high court order when the gunny bags were opened on Tuesday morning to sent the crocodile hatchlings back into the swampy pit inside the park, 18 of them were already dead. One more died after it was released in the swampy pit. The new-born crocodile tried to breathe fresh air. But it failed. It breathed its last soon after it was set free.

One of the veterinary surgeons who conducted the postmortem of the dead animals and birds said they had suffocated to death as they could not bear the weight of grown-up crocodiles kept over them

As on Thursday, the count shows 23 crocodile hatchlings, a monkey, a cobra, a white necked stork, one painted stork and a wood owl. Few animals, among them king cobras, a lion-tailed macacque, are still nursing their injuries. The only solace for a shocked public in Parassinikkadavu and in Kerala is that the killings in Kannur this time is restricted to animals.

Its a Strange world!




Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hilarious: IUML and CPM compete for AMU in Kerala

The proposed off-campus centre of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in Kerala has now become a bone of contention between the CPI(M) and the Muslim League in its mutual competition to prove affinity to Muslim community.
The proposal to have the centre at the Muslim-dominated Malappuram district was clearly a strategic move by the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government in its various successful forays to spread its clout among the state's 80 lakh Muslims who form 24.7 per cent of the population. Initially the move received public support from Muslim League,
The proposal to have an off-campus centre in Kerala was cleared easily by the AMU thanks to its present vice chancellor and also registrar who happen to be Malayalis.
But a strategic slip from the CPI(M) has now come to League's aid to make good for its lost ground. The government initially had said the centre would be set up in the land it earlier acquired for an industrial township near Panakkad in Malappuram which happens to be the village of Panakkad Shihab Thangal, Muslim League's state president. Little did the CPI(M) then realise that the AMU centre in Panakkad would let a major advantage for the League as it was its head quarters.

Wisdom dawned on the CPI(M) belatedly. It hurriedly began moves to shelve Panakkad. The government came out with a new statement that the centre would not be in Panakkad as the land was earmarked for a government-backed management institute. The CPI(M) also started moves to have the campus in Perinthalmanna in the same Malappuram district. The CPI(M) also started campaign that management institute at Panakkad and AMU at Perinthalmanna would mean two premier educational institutes for the Malappuram district.
This came as a god send for the League which was bated breath watching the Left's firm and fast moves. The decision not to set up the campus at Panakkad has triggered League into action. Now it has launched a campaign against CPI(M)'s moves to "deny the AMU centre for Malappuram". The suggested new location of Perinthalmanna, which despite being in Malappuram district, is not as Muslim-dominated as Malappuram Assembly constituency. So this too is shown as an "anti-Muslim" move.
With Lok Sabha elections round the corner and the League facing an assault from the CPI(M) on its bastions, cannot be happier. For the AMU issue is a sure winner for them. If the campus is finally set up at Panakkad, League will certainly take more credit than CPI(M) despite its claim as the project's progenitor. And if it is not set up there, League would have a dream weapon to target the Left and charge that it denied AMU to Kerala's Muslim heartland.

Clap! Comrade Karat on stage

When Prakash Karat takes the stage, clap — this was what the CPM told its cadre in Kochi.

With election prospects not too good in Kerala and Bengal, the party clearly didn’t want to take a chance at the rally that the party general secretary and chief ministers of both states addressed yesterday.

The instruction to applaud Karat wasn’t the only one handed to CPM workers by the state party unit. There was another — don’t drink.

Disciplined is what party workers weren’t in Kottayam last year, when drunken scenes marked the state conference. At the end of that meet, as Kerala chief minister V.S. Achuthanandan took the stage, the cadre went berserk with applause. Some of the exuberance came out of the bottle.

The Kottayam meet ended with Bottles being thrown at Comrade Achu Mama. Not sure if any found their target.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

is CPM playing ball for Pakistan in India?

After Mumbai attacks, CPM release a statement condemning the Mumbai attacks. Along with their statement CPM also released the statement of their "sister" organization in Pakistan - CMKP

This further exposes communist double standards!!!

1. In the statement condemning Mumbai attacks why they had to drag in "Hindu Fundamentalists". Was it to balance out!

2. it was CPM who released the statement of their sister organization in Pakistan -- Communist Workers and Peasant's Party (CMKP). It is intriguing that CPM has a sister organization in every country which is enemy of India

3. No where in CMKP's statement mentions Pakistan. By releasing it does CPM endorse it? it reads

CMKP strongly condemns the barbaric and heinous acts of planned murder and destruction carried out by terrorists in Mumbai, India. We express our sincerest condolence with all the people who fell victim to this savage crime,' the statement read.

4. Then comes the most outrageous piece. It reads

It also hailed the role of the entire Indian Left, which it said was 'doing its utmost to reign in reprisals by Hindu fundamentalist forces against the Muslims of India.

'Why is CPM allowing a foreign entity to interfere in internal affairs of India! By releasing their statement is CPM endorsing their statement?

5. CMKP condemns alleged reprisals of Muslims in India. Are they referring to a link between the alleged reprisal and Mumbai attack? Has every CPM condemned reprisal on Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh?



Thursday, January 01, 2009

The best Joke of year

In english, CPM is blaming the Isreali spy satellite launched by ISRO to be main culprit helping isreal in current conflict with Hamas