Tuesday, January 06, 2009

is CPM playing ball for Pakistan in India?

After Mumbai attacks, CPM release a statement condemning the Mumbai attacks. Along with their statement CPM also released the statement of their "sister" organization in Pakistan - CMKP

This further exposes communist double standards!!!

1. In the statement condemning Mumbai attacks why they had to drag in "Hindu Fundamentalists". Was it to balance out!

2. it was CPM who released the statement of their sister organization in Pakistan -- Communist Workers and Peasant's Party (CMKP). It is intriguing that CPM has a sister organization in every country which is enemy of India

3. No where in CMKP's statement mentions Pakistan. By releasing it does CPM endorse it? it reads

CMKP strongly condemns the barbaric and heinous acts of planned murder and destruction carried out by terrorists in Mumbai, India. We express our sincerest condolence with all the people who fell victim to this savage crime,' the statement read.

4. Then comes the most outrageous piece. It reads

It also hailed the role of the entire Indian Left, which it said was 'doing its utmost to reign in reprisals by Hindu fundamentalist forces against the Muslims of India.

'Why is CPM allowing a foreign entity to interfere in internal affairs of India! By releasing their statement is CPM endorsing their statement?

5. CMKP condemns alleged reprisals of Muslims in India. Are they referring to a link between the alleged reprisal and Mumbai attack? Has every CPM condemned reprisal on Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh?