Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gruesome murder of Tapasi Malik

On December 18, teenager Tapasi Malik, a leading agitator of the anti-land acquisition movement at Singur was found in flames at Bajemelia.Tapasi, the only daughter of Monoranjan Malik, a sharecropper and a fish trader, had stepped out of her small house in Bajemelia, in Gopalnagar mouza, around 4.30 am to relieve herself in the field.Some 45 minutes later when she didn't turn up, her mother Molina Devi went out looking and spotted a ball of fire about 350 metres away. As she rushed towards it with her sister-in-law Bandana, she discovered that it was her daughter who was in flames.Tapasi was lying on her back with her entire torso in flames. Seeing her daughter in that state, Molina Devi became hysterical and started screaming, bringing other villagers rushing to the spot.

Tapasi Malik was first strangled, which probably killed her, and then dragged to a pit and set on fire to ensure that she was dead.

CPI-M’s Singur zonal committee secretary, Suhrid Dutta, was arrested by the CBI in connection with Tapasi’s murder, days after party supporter, Debu Malik, was nabbed for the same case. Dutta played a key role in the acquisition of land and construction of the boundary wall for Tata’s project that will build the Rs 1 lakh car.

Its not surprising that before the CBI took over the case, West Bengal police and CID had claimed that Tapasi had committed suicide.

CPM Leader Jyothi Basu was quick to denounce CBI, he said 'When I was the chief minister I saw that the CBI and RAW were never in favour of us.


Asit Guin said...

Aarushi Talwar was killed by her father. It was a case of honor killing. Her father found daughter in an immoral relation with a servant. Is there any similarity between Tapasi Malik and Aarushi Talwar case? Is Tapasi another victim of honor killing by her father?

asit guin said...

What CBI had done in tapasi malik case? Tapasi malik case accused got bail! What happened to tapasi malik case? Regarding Tapasi Malik case, we have reason to doubt that what really happened and whether lies are practiced or not? Her parent’s role is suspected. They are hiding some facts. CBI once released sketches of the four prime accused in the case related to Tapasi Malik in Singur. Releasing the sketches, CBI Superintendent of Police A K Sahai had said, "The sketches have been drawn on the basis of the interrogation of people and they will be distributed all over the country." Though the CBI declined to disclose details about the accused, it announced a cash reward of Rs one lakh for anybody who could provide information about them. Where these sketches had gone? Tapasi’s father and brother might have had something to do with her murder. Tapasi’s unnatural death was cloudy and complicated. The CBI has become suspicious of the statements made by Tapasi’s father Monoranjan and brother Surajit. They did not own any plot of land at all. Nor they did till any land anywhere. Monoranjan was a member of the rural poor of the Singur village of Bajeymelia who eked out a living through selling fishes from a pavement stall and he had indeed lined up before the block level offices of the state government requesting for a job. But, Monoranjan and Tapasi were dubbed by commercial media as leading activists of the save agricultural land committee. Both Tapasi’s father and brother have something to hide with her murder. Today, tapasi-case accused and victims, means debu malik and tapasi’s father are resident of same village and they are residing side by side. Even villagers are silent. How can villagers tolerate the presence of tapasi-case accused and victims in the same village? Is left front still in power? ALEEK KUNATYA RONGE ; MOJE LOK RAREH BONGE ; NIROKHIA PULOKE HRIDOY;

asit guin said...

Today TMC CM wants out of court settlement in singur. When 80 % of farmers accepted compensation cheques, what is left there to settle? Who created bogus story of 400 acre? Who created bogus phrase UNWILLING FARMERS? Out of court settlement with Tata means illegal payment from Tata. Who wants to collect that? People have to pay for their wrong choice IN MAY-2011 election. No other settlement. Those who prevented Haldia petrochemical by not giving license and delayed it by 12 years; same creatures prevented Singur plant via so-called unwilling farmers. Where is sushil samaj today ?