Sunday, August 17, 2008

Verbal fireworks in Kerala CPM

Intense infighting is back in Kerala CPM. However, this time Comrade VS Achuthanandan increased the stakes by calling his rivals in party the "unspeakable and Taboo" word - Revisionist. He said indirectly referring to his rivals from within the party
"opportunists and revisionists are afraid of extremists,"

He also rubbed salt on old wounds of his rivals when a near total rebellion by party members party to field him in assembly election
“Some said at the politburo that the Congress-led United Democratic Front will win the elections if I am fielded in the Assembly polls. After this I opted out. But later, in response to demands from the party committees, the people at large and following media reports, the party fielded me”.
His recent outburst have to be read in the background of the deliberations at the just-concluded three-day party state committee dumping his hard-line positions. The stinger against Achuthanandan in the policy document ratified by the committee was
“those who argued for a second spell of land reforms were in fact uttering extremist rhetoric that would only divide society”.

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