Thursday, February 26, 2009

VS volte-face, attends Pinarayi rally or.... Was it?

Chief minister V S Achuthanandan surprised everyone by attending the closing ceremony of the `Nava Kerala Yatra' led by his rival and party state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan.

But if anyone thought the issue was resolved, there was a dampener.  Both VS and Pinnarai Vijayan took potshots at eachother in their speeches .

VS said in his speech:

"The general secretary said how we will fight allegations against the state secretary in the case - politically and legally. It will be fought legally and when he gets an opportunity to prove his innocence in court, it will be done,'' 

VS also added that the way out was not by fighting the judiciary. If that was not enough, he also referred to corruption charges faced by leaders of the Congress-led UDF like K Karunakaran and Balakrishna Pillai.

Pinarayi, who spoke before the CM also fired innuendos at him. Referring to the story of a boy who wondered why there were no waves in a bucket of water drawn from the sea, Pinarayi said everyone in CPM realises that they had no existence without the party.


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