Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Pinarayi Vijayan's Rs 85-crore cancer hospital that was to be.


The CPM party constitution says.

“Party members found to be strike-breakers, drunkards, moral degenerates, betrayers of party confidence, guilty of grave financial corruption can be summarily suspended from the party membership and removed from all responsible positions by the party unit to which they belongs or by a higher party body pending the issue of the chargesheet to them and getting their explanation. This summary suspension and removal from all responsible positions in the party cannot be extended for a period of more than three months,”

of course this is not applicable for people who are "more" equal

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Anonymous said...

What wrong did Pinnarayi Vijayan did to the state and his party?. Quoting the party by-law to prove some ficticious point simply doesn't work. CBI is nothing but the congee buero of investigation. We all know that how much it would cost the state, if an international contract has been cancelled. Pinnarayi did his best for the state, and has been commented as the best minister at that time, efficiently led the party to victory. So it is in the best interest of the most corrupt politicians like Mr. Ommen Chandy and Ramesh Congeethala to do mudslinging on Pinnarayi, only then they would survive in Kerala politics.