Monday, March 03, 2008

Face of Kerala CPM Politicians

1. E.P Jayarajan

E.P Jayarajan saying:times have changed, this is not the era of long beards, black tea and daal vada’s, you cannot expect the party to go back to that age”. E, P Jayaraj who is from Pinnarai Vijayan Faction was indirectly criticizing V. S Achuthandan who is considered a Hardliner. 

2. V. S Achuthandan: Redefining CM as Clown Minister

VS is trying hard to occupy the Seat Left vacant by E. K Nayanar

3. Eat chicken not rice: Kerala Food Minister C Divakaran

Kerala Food Minister C Divakaran's statement urging people to eat eggs, chicken and drink milk instead of consuming rice has creating a furore.

4. Minister G Sudhakaran: Face of a GOONDA!

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