Friday, March 07, 2008

Sheila Dikshit: Left owes its allegiance to countries other than India

Shiela Dixit one of the Honest faces of Congress has finally taken the bull by horn and Said what no other Congress person has dared to say till date.

She was speaking at a public meeting in Kochi, Kerala. She said

The Left owes its allegiance to countries other than India. Are they against their own country? Why do they oppose it for India and not for their supposed friends China and Russia?... they do something, mean something else and say a third thing....... They are not the nationalists we thought they were.

It will be interesting to see the reaction of these Pekingese(they are dogs by their own admission) . for the unaware, Pekingese  also known as "Beijing Royal Court Lion Dog" is a famous Chinese Breed of dog were bred mainly for appreciation and enjoyment by the Chinese  aristocrats, and the common people were forbidden to raise. They were mostly ornamental dogs as CPM in India

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