Sunday, January 20, 2008

CPM Speak and Iceberg!

Only one-seventh to one-tenth of an iceberg's mass shows above water. Similiarly, Only one-tenth of real intentions of CPM is visible from Statements of CPM.

Recent statement of CPM on "Allaince with Congress" is an Ideal Example!

CPI(M)'s draft political resolution for the ensuing 19th Party Congress makes it clear that it will not enter into any alliance or united front with the Congress. What it was left unsaid is that even for current Loksabha Election CPM didnot have Allaince with Congress. They had Electoral Understanding a suitable word to fool the cadre in Kerala and Bengal.

The draft essentially means that for 2009 Loksabha Elections also CPM will have "Electoral Understanding" i.e seat sharing etc with congress and again they will try to weild power without responsibility!

This was clear from the fact that when asked on supporting the Congress-led coalition after the next Lok Sabha elections CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat remianed Non Commital!! his answer was

"We still want a secular government at the Centre. But we also want a
government which does not follow such economic policies. How we can achieve
that, we will have to wait and see,"

Which means We will try our best to sleep with anybody and hang on to power!


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