Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chicken Flue Situation in West Bengal Update


Bird flu spread to many areas of West Bengal on Tuesday as the Centre increased the target of number of poultry to be culled to nearly 15 lakh.

Animal Husbandry Commissioner S K Bandopadhyay said

It is being controlled. It is not under control," he said while replying to a query whether the bird flu situation was under control.


On other side,

As concerns over bird flu mounted, delegates to the CPM's state conference had a treat at high tea on Wednesday: chicken kebabs and fish rolls.
The bird flu alarm was first confirmed on Sunday evening, coinciding with the launch of the party conference and the administration went into day-long meetings the next day. For three days, afternoon tea meant assorted snacks.
But, on Wednesday, as if to show solidarity with the thousands of small farmers who are resisting the culling, the cooks hired for the conference were asked to make chicken kebabs.


I guess people has taken the Ministers Message to heart

Not willing to incur any financial loss because of the outbreak of bird flu, well-networked cartels in West Bengal are smuggling out chicken and poultry products from affected areas, even sending consignments to neighbouring states to minimise the loss. This could be one of the reasons why the deadly virus has spread so fast — from one district in the beginning to almost eight districts now.


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