Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Democratic Progressive Alliance (DPA) in Tamilnadu

Current Members: DMK, PMK, Congress, CPI, CPM and IUML

Three Years Back Same time, CPM Article on "Casteist Organisations and the Party*"

It is a fact that the caste problem in Kerala cannot be fully explained in isolation of communalism. Muslim and Christian communalism have also been an inspiration to the current caste trends. The issues related to communalism and religious minorities are not being considered in this document. The Party Congress and the State Committee have adopted clear stand on Communalism. The existence of Kerala Congress and Muslim League, as political parties centered on Christian and Muslim minorities, and holding power in the state is also an inspiration for the casteist leaders of Hindu religion to enter into politics. This prepared the ground for strengthening the caste based politics.

CPM Newsletter

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