Thursday, July 13, 2006

Even Madanis Photo was most Valued

In Kerala, Abdul Nazar Madani was being used by both the LDF and the UDF for electoral gains once again. While the political bonhomie between the PDP and the LDF has made it expedient for some of the Left candidates in the state to use the photo of Madani in their election posters, the incarcerated leader has become the target of the UDF camp as well.

In many posters of the LDF candidates, the candidate concerned can be seen overshadowed by a colossal image of Madani. And as if to assert their we-love-Madani claim, there are catchy headlines pitying the condition of Madani.

We have given permission only to the LDF for using the photograph of Madani and no one else has the right to do so,said PDP leader C.K.Abdul Azeez.

To the Unaware:

- Abdul Nasser Madhani is prime accused in 1998 Coimbatore Serial Bomb Blast case which killed more than 59 people.


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