Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I do dislike them with a reason

 Someone send me a one line note saying "Man, you really hate LEFT"

My answer to him is yes. I do. I am of strong belief that LEFT is one of the most dangerous hidden dangers for this nation. What else can we expect from an Ideology which is foreign to this nation. Their Flag is foreign, their ideology is foreign, their Idols are foreign!!

It is the "curse" of this nation that we donot remember and learn from History. If we evaluate the history, there is enough pointers there to forewarn us:-

- Till late LEFT didnot consider India as a Country. They considered us a Union of nations.

- For them their party interest is supreme. They will sacrifice any number of countries with out a blink  if it can Help the cause of their party. It is not coincidence that they sided with British during Quit India movement, with Chinese during 1965 agression of China, with Indira during Emergency. Its their Misfortune(Good fortune of this nation) that they betted on the wrong horse. 

- At one level they say they are secular but have no shame in taking the support of Abdul Nasser Madhani who is prime accused in Coimbatore Serial Bomb Blast and Jamaat e Islam(mother of SIMI). They call themselves secular in Kerala and fight with IUML, but support same IUML in Tamil Nadu. They created the only Muslim Majority District in India - Malapurram, Kerala.

- They claim as Non Corrupt but supported the worst corrupt regime of Laloo Prasad Yadav

- They Support the Communist Principles in Centre but in West bengal they have one of the most agressive Capitalist Policies

and so on..

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