Friday, July 21, 2006

Is CPM promoting Armed Struggle in India?

This is excert from one of the news letters of CPM. It is published in Peoples Demoracy Vol. XXV August 26, 2001.

We lost 13 ZPTC and 64 MPTC seats comparing with the past elections. We had alliance with the TDP in the past and won 358 MPTC and 28 ZPTC seats. We contested 1073 MPTC and 80 ZPTC seats in these elections and prevented the contest with the Congress(I) in 17 ZPTC seats and 233 MPTC seats of this. We bagged only 103 MPTC and 3 ZPTC seats. The rest of the seats were bagged by contesting with the Congress(I) and the TDP. These were the first elections after 1999 Assembly elections. Though our party’s popularity had grown with the agitations conducted recently, the results revealed our weakness in transforming our popularity into votes due to lack of party machinery in all places.
Though very limited number, these are certain instances when our comrades worked contrary to our political line. Complete details are yet to be reached.
It is clear that out party mass base is still weak. Only with the unleashing of militant struggles in a big way, our base will be strengthened.
In the publication, CPM gives a clarion call to launch a "MILITANT STUGGLE" to increase their presence in AP(can we say capture power?). If SIMI, LeT can be banned for launching Armed struggle against union of India why is CPM spared?

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