Wednesday, July 19, 2006

In Kerala, the poor mens party CPM is a Rs 4,000 crore business group.

In Kerala, the CPI(M) is a Rs 4,000 crore business group. The party runs a TV channel, rubber factories, tobacco units, is building an amusement park. And even has NRI partners.

Yep, the Poor Persons party owns two TV Channel,
Kairali and People satellite television channels

Among the investors for Kairali TV Channel are
Wahab whose business extends from trading to real estate, Bahrain to Saudi Arabia became a Rajya Sabha member in 2004 courtesy the Muslim League. Other was Manichan who was arrested four years ago, following some deaths in a hooch tragedy in Kerala

I can still live with it but the most Outrageous was their Water theme Park. Yes you heard it right the CPM is the proud owner of a modern water theme park in its bastion in north Kerala. Its a 25-acre hilly terrain located 15 km from the town at Parassinikadavu. The park will boast of 14 water rides, 12 dry items, children’s play area, a 35-ft high artificial waterfall, open air theatre and a music fountain among other things.

Party says that it will meet i
ts requirements from water harvesting on three acres and will construct an artificial lake to store water

CR Neelakantan, an environmental scientist, says the park will need nearly 3,00,000 litres of water every day. "Even if they resort to recycling, they will have to bring in 30 percent fresh water daily," he says. Neelakantan is not convinced the park's needs would be met by water harvesting. "Theoretically, three crore litres of water is available from harvesting on three acres. This is simply not enough for running a water park. They will have to tap groundwater or surface water. I am sure they are eyeing the nearby Valapattanam river for their needs," he says.

It would be interesting to to know that this is the same party which was in forefront of agitation against Coca-Cola in Plachimada for using groundwater.




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