Monday, July 24, 2006

The Annual Planning Conferences

I being from the bad world of Corporate am quite used to the annual ritual of planning conferences. These is the annual ritual in which we travel to the rarefied rooms of company Headquarters. Here we renew our pledge of loyalty to the corporate plans and unveil our plans for their approval.

During for past few days, I grew curious whether our political parties have such an Exercise. After few hours of research, I came up with some interesting information

- Every year BJP have their annual Baithaks with their mothership - RSS to gets their plans approved by the Wise men there. I am sure poor BJP might be facing some tough time explaining why some of their guys were naughty.

- In congress case, it was much simpler. As in this case, Mother was the ship.

- I was in for a surprise when I realised that Mr. Karat just came back from eight-day tour of China during which he discussed party-to-party ties and Sino-Indian relations. He also visited the “party school” of the Communist Party. I am sure he might
have taken some good lessons in the school. I was wondering what kind of crash course he might have taken? I being a optimist, I am sure the chinese tutors would have given him lessons in Nationalism(No marks for guessing which nation).

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