Thursday, February 07, 2008

Kerala CPM Infighting Spills over to celluloid

In a U-turn from the great Indian style of matinee idols grabbing political seats, in Kerala, it is CPM Political Leaders who are Hogging Celluloid Limelight.

Now rival CPM Leaders Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan and party’s state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan are using celluloid to sway indecisive party workers. Latest Movies being ‘Of the People’ and ‘Roudram’ running in cinemahouses this week.

It was `Of the People’ ’ that was released first. `CM’(read Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan)  was the hero for idealistic youngsters, it told viewers. And also that his crusade of evicting `land mafia’ in Munnar was tripped by a big bad man(read party’s state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan) in his own party.

Pat came the reply in the form of `Roudram’, a Mammoty-starrer. Roudram’s hero makes it a point to laud the late Chief Minister EK Nayanar to skies, smartly drowning his successor LDF CM( read Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan) in unflattering light. There is also reference to `a CM’s son’s role’ in fixing the ongoing Cybercity land deal in Kochi. Predictably, both films wear their disclaimers right, but nobody is fooled over what they say. Incidentally Mamooty is in the Board of CPM Run Kairali TV Channel.

Perhaps, Taking cue from party meet scheduled to be held in Kottayam from February 11 to February 14(where CM VS Achuthanandan is expected to meet his Waterloo),  Of the People’ is at a loss for crowds. `Roudram’, on the other hand, has the party workers beating the Mammotty fans associations in keeping the cinema houses full.

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