Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another LDF U-turn, now on Kerala expressway

Yesterday there was another U turn by LDF, After the nod to tolled national highways, the state government is now set to revive the North-South Expressway and has already approached the World Bank for preliminary funding.

Wow Tolled Highways, Expressway, Load from World Bank!!! That would be 3 U-Turns in short span of few weeks!

The LDF had vehemently opposed the same expressway when it was in the opposition and the previous A K Antony government had proposed it.

I still remember those days with nostalgia when we were forcefully told by CPM Intellectuals that this expressway will divide state into two, some even said that it will destroy Underground waterlanes thus can never be allowed in Kerala. Well those were different time. 

“The Government’s initial stand was against toll-based projects as we felt it would burden the common man. But it is not a bad idea keeping in mind long-term benefits. Besides, in a tourism-dependent state like ours, good connectivity is crucial. Hence the decision was taken in larger public interest,” Kerala PWD Minister Mons Joseph  told The Indian Express last month.

I guess it essentially means that since now we are doing it, it has to be good!

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