Thursday, January 31, 2008

WB calls for foreign help and US Respond

The bird flu situation in West bengal is spinning out of control. Now 14 of the 19 districts of the state is under the grip of the deadly virus. The epidemic has almost encircled Kolkatta and authorities are struggling to keep the Bird Flu from reaching Kolkatta.

West Bengal has appealed to New Delhi to allow the United States and China to come to its aid in battling the disease, an official said on Wednesday. We need foreign help to stem the deadly virus, which is spreading at an alarming rate," said West Bengal animal resources minister Anisur Rahaman. The latest exchange between West Bengal Govt. and US Ambassador brings out several issues:-

- It is amusing that West Bengal would call for help from a US Govt. Its not long since West Bengal CM called the US president the “leader of a gang of killers” in his letter and the US ambassador warned of “serious repercussions” on his government’s perception of West Bengal.

- Its not long since Govt of India had refused US help during Tragedy as Big as Tsunami.

I guess those were different times and politicians have short memory!

Siezing on the opportunity, the US Ambassador said the offer was made to both the Centre and the West Bengal government a few days ago, an embassy spokesperson said that assistance was offered to the Union Ministries of Health and Agriculture through the External Affairs Ministry on January 23.



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Priya said...

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