Saturday, October 07, 2006

New Wine in Old Bottle

We had great expectations from the current CPM Govt. led by V.S. since he came to power riding on the crest of the wave of promising to hand-cuff the ice-cream parlour and other sex-scandal perpetrators and parade them in public.

However, it seems there is a big gap between promise and Practice. One such example is appointment of T.P. Dasan, former Mayor of Kozhikode, a Pinarayi man as President of the Kerala Sport’s Council. TP Dasan was the 11th accused in the infamous ice-cream parlour sex scandal. CPM suspended Dasan for the sake of records and after a decent interval his suspension was revoked with an obliging media keeping mum on it.

Then came the appointment of A. Akbar as Managing Directorship of Kerala State Financial Enterprises. A. Akbar is a former top official of the Bank of Kabul in Afghanistan. There are allegation of his connections with Taliban and Al-Qaeda during his CEOship with Bank of Kabul.

It seems now we have a DUMMY PM AND A DUMMY CM!!

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