Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We are against Muslim fundamentalists: Left

"We are against Muslim fundamentalists" Says Brinda Karat. Who can blame Ms. Karat for not being informed about the CPM's Partners, afterall she is busy with her yoga and promoting friendship with Pakistan when free etc.

For Ms. Brinda Information, CPM Parners in Various States are:-

Kerala: Jamaat E Islami(mother Organisation of SIMI), PDP (of which Abdul Nasser Madhani is founder)

Tamil Nadu: IUML

She also went on to add "
It is objectionable to oppose singing of Vande Mataram. We are opposed to the stand of Muslim fundamentalists... But at the same time we are also opposed to the stand of BJP and Shiv Sena on the issue". Wow Wait a Minute, now I am confused Does she want people to Sing Vande Matram or not. This is called Sleeping with everyone. If you are Pro Vande Matram, the stuff opposing Muslim Fundametalism is for their consumption But if are Against Vande Matram, Stuff mentioning BJP/Shiv Sena is for their consumption!!!

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